YouTube Short Anime "Inou No Aicis" Starts Feb 13!!

Inou no Aicis

Mystery, School, Supernatural

Airing Date:
Winter 2021 (starts from February 13)


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In Tokyo’s Geso ward, a certain app is becoming popular. The app is called AICis, and it gives supernatural powers to those who have it. The people who obtain this power use it to pursue their own selfish desires, leading to one malicious incident after another. This is the story of a student detective who specializes in solving supernatural problems.

Characters & Voice Actors

Jindo Kiriya: Jin Ogasawara

A student detective who belongs to Student Detective Company Iruka. He’s usually lazy, but when it comes to detective work, his abilities are unquestionable. Reading this so far, he sounds like a cool guy, doesn’t he? Well, unfortunately he’s actually a pervert. Two years ago, he was taken in by a certain individual with amnesia.

Fuka Minase: Haruna Asami

An apprentice detective who belongs to Student Detective Company Iruka. She’s a silly girl who is cheerful and rushes headlong into situations. After having solved a certain case with Jindo, she decides that she wants to be a detective who gets close to people’s hearts. She’s an unusual creature who can eat an extra large beef bowl in two minutes.

Chiyo Izumi: Chiyo Tomaru

A sexy, nerdy seductress who is the head of Student Detective Company Iruka. Her audacious behaviour often causes trouble for Jindo, Fuka, and even the clients. She loves Jindo and Fuka, and if anyone harms them, there will be a reckoning. She likes to watch Sunday morning children’s shows on air.

Suzu Onodera: Rika Katsumata

A spacey girl who can usually be found daydreaming. It’s nearly impossible to know what she’s thinking, but she loves animals and people and is very kind-hearted.

Akaude: Hikaru Midorikawa

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "limit" by AliA
  • Ending Song: "Taiyou ni Nareru kana" by Tsuyu
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