Inuyasha to Get Live Action Stage Play!?

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What You Need to Know:

  • Like an upper decker to the nostalgia feels, it seems like hit Rumiko Takahshi work Inuyasha is next up to get a new live action stage adaptation. With many series giants and newcomers rushing to make live action movies and plays, it seems that the mastermind behind Ranma 1/2 and currently popular Kyoukai no Rinne, has given in to make a live stage play.
  • Of course, these leaks have come from Japanese social media accounts since someone has leaked the announcement. We say new because Inuyasha has received two live stage adpatations before in 2000 and 2001. It seems though, that Rumiko wants to see if she can get a little more out of the series.
  • It has also been leaked online that Yutaka Kyan will be playing the role of Inuyasha. He is a member of Golden Bomber. Check out the tweets below and get excited!


honeys anime character
Wait what.... I grew up watching Sailor Moon and Inuyasha! I am so excited for this!

honeys anime character
It's like Christmas in February! This is an excellent announcement!