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January 4, 2022


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There’s a certain rumor about Maigahara Music College Affiliate School Maigahara Senior High, nicknamed MaiMai, which attracts talented aspiring musicians from all over Japan.

Supposedly, if a musical act can put on an amazing show at the annual school festival, they can get extra credit.

Serina, whose grades aren’t so hot, believes the rumor to be true and forms a band! Every day so many different things are happening—performing shows, sleepovers, and even doing cosplay(?). Will her band be able to put on a stellar show at the school festival and get the extra credit?! The story of the day-to-day leisurely life of this girl band begins!

Characters & Voice Actors

irodorimidori-kv IRODORIMIDORI
Serina Akesaka: Emi Nitta

A drummer in the band Irodorimidori. She’s a bright, cheerful mood maker who charges headlong into things without thinking. She has an extremely positive personality in that she loves fun things, and if something isn’t fun, she’ll look for a way to make it fun. She’s the type of person who can’t let go of an interesting idea, so if she takes an interest in something her friends are doing, she’ll join in without hesitation.
irodorimidori-kv IRODORIMIDORI
Aliciana Ogata: Ayaka Fukuhara

A guitarist in the band Irodorimidori. Her nickname is “Arin”. She has an older sister vibe and always acts (or tries to act) graceful and cool. She’s also a caring person with a strong sense of responsibility, and unlike the others, she gets good grades. However, when flattered, she’s quick to make promises, and she can be a little outspoken at times.
irodorimidori-kv IRODORIMIDORI
Nazuna Tennozu: Ayano Yamamoto

A guitarist in the band Irodorimidori. She’s introverted, reserved, and always appears to be in a daze, but inside, she’s a passionate hard worker. Whether due to lack of physical strength or her personality, she always moves slowly. One might think that she’s a dawdler, but she’s actually more determined than anyone else.
irodorimidori-kv IRODORIMIDORI
Nagi Kobotoke: Kaoru Sakura

A keyboardist in the band Irodorimidori. She’s cool and intellectual, and although she’s a little weird, she is, in practice, the sub-leader of the band. She’s usually quiet and expressionless and doesn’t display any emotional ups and downs. In spite of her young appearance, she’s always calmly observing her surroundings, and when she opens her mouth, she tends to make harsh remarks.
irodorimidori-kv IRODORIMIDORI
Naru Hakobe: M・A・O

An electric bassist in the band Irodorimidori. Despite her small size, she’s an energetic trickster. She talks a lot, moves a lot, and loves to play pranks on and mess with people. She’s always restless and impatient like a child. She has an odd sense of style and seems to be the embodiment of the expression “There’s but a fine line between genius and insanity.”


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Lettus Shitijou / Cabbage Saitou (SEGA)
  • Director: Chihaya Tanaka
  • Series Composition: Chihaya Tanaka / Rei Ishikura
  • Character Design: Takeshi Sato / Kaori Goto
  • Sound Director: Hiroki Nishiyama
  • Original Illustrator: Hisasi
  • Music: D.watt(IOSYS)

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