Is Anime Evolving or Regressing? International Fans Weigh in...

Satoshi-2-pokemon Is Anime Evolving or Regressing? International Fans Weigh in...

What You Need to Know:

  • On November 7th, Toutiao, a giant Chinese opinion site, asked it users a question about anime. "Since 2006, for the last 10 years, do you think that anime is evolving, or is anime regressing?"
  • It came to light at that point, that while anime is consumed by China, that which is not banned, has experienced an overall drop across the board. While art techniques were praised for evolving, the biggest complaint was not only the drop in quality of stories, but of the depth of those stories.
  • Check out what they had to say below!
  • Translator Note: These opinions do not reflect our opinions at Honey's Anime. We do feel it is important to be open and honest with our readers, so sometimes we do bring news like this which comes from a Japanese source.
  • Animation is evolving. That is for sure. However the depth of the stories is definitely lacking.
  • It is regressing for me. The stories are getting boring, and stupid, no-brainer moe anime is taking over. I am losing the will to watch.
  • Japanese Anime is very clearly regressing. Previously, anime was very invigorating and it was a good representation. However now it is just moe anime and "good" anime has diminished.
  • This has to do with the changing market in Japan. Otaku are getting older and there are more of the older ones in number, so moe anime is getting more popular.
  • I think that Japanese anime is regressing, but when you compare "Big Fish and Begonia" to "Kimi no Na wa" all I can do is sigh because the Japanese one is so much better.
  • Even if it is regressing, it is still exceptionally better than Chinese anime.
  • I don't really know if I can say that Japanese Anime is regressing, but I can confirm that Chinese anime cannot stand on the same stage as Japanese Anime.
  • No matter how much it regresses, I still will watch Japanese anime and never watch Chinese anime.
  • If you think about it, there are works that are amazing, but there are many more that are just plain garbage. If you watch anime, then you will realize that it really is amazing.
  • Source: Yaraon

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    These people who pirate anime have no right to comment.
    Don't make such a big deal out of a little thing...
    Of course it is regressing. Hand-drawn anime is dead. This is the era of CG.
    AKIRA was the peak of anime. After that it went downhill fast.
    I agree with them. Stop making moe anime. It's all the same!

    Satoshi-2-pokemon Is Anime Evolving or Regressing? International Fans Weigh in...
    Hmm but is it really regressing or just changing focus? There are still amazing anime being made now. Difters, Kabaneri, Hibike Euphonium etc. Previously the focus was on the story, but now it has shifted to art style.
    Satoshi-2-pokemon Is Anime Evolving or Regressing? International Fans Weigh in...
    I have to agree with you. The shift is obvious but it would be great once CG is mastered, to bring depth back to stories.