Is it the End for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo’s latest handheld/home console the Nintendo Switch, has been doing so well this year in sales and in game releases that it seems as if the handheld dilemmas of staying home or going out are virtually gone. For Nintendo, this is great news as they recover from the loss they had with the Nintendo Wii U that didn’t do as well as they anticipated. Unfortunately, two other handheld devices—in this case the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita—seem to be not doing too well in comparison to the Nintendo Switch. Does this change signal an end for the two handheld behemoths of the past? Is it the End for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS!?

Possible end signs for the PS Vita

If you’re someone who needs proof of a system’s final days, well, we don’t have definitive proof for the Nintendo 3DS, but for the PS Vita, we do. Sony has recently revealed a comment about the PS Vita saying that essentially the system would stop being produced, meaning what’s left of the console in stores around the world will soon be the only ones left to buy brand new. This usually indicates a system is reaching that time where the company feels it’s not profitable enough to keep making new ones and to ship them to game stores and other markets. If you look at the past handhelds by Sony—the PSP—it had the same story. Nintendo has recently allowed a new set of 3DS’ to release with new colors and styles as well as 2DS’, but that brings us to another reason we think the handheld might leave us soon…

Nintendo 3DS’ lack of games

Unlike Sony and their clear cut “we’re done with this system” announcements, Nintendo has, in the past, let handhelds be released even as the sales dwindled. Case in point, look at the original Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance systems and how they released for some time after the system’s end of life in terms of games being released for them. We’re not saying the Nintendo 3DS will never have more consoles pumping out, but we are saying with the huge boom success the Nintendo Switch had—and is still having—there are already signs of fewer games being focused on the 3DS and more on the Nintendo Switch. The PS Vita also has games still releasing, but the time between releases is growing further apart and tend to be lesser known titles.

Nintendo Switch and future it shows

Let’s face it folks, the Nintendo Switch is an amazing console and you can’t deny that whether you’re a fan of Sony portable products or not a fan of Nintendo in general. The Nintendo Switch utilizes an idea of freedom to play on the go and to then go back home and play on the big screen within seconds. The PS Vita tried to do something similar with the remote play syste,m but it tended to still have several limitations thanks to the Wi-Fi systems and strength of games on the PS4 versus the PS Vita. Ultimately, the Nintendo Switch shows gamers what the future of handheld games can do and that means there will be competition going forth from other companies to see if they can mimic those ideas with innovations of their own. The regular handheld gaming market of the past might have finally reached the end of its time.

Won’t be anytime soon

In case you’re like us and love both the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS, we’ll end this article on a good note. Folks, there is no 100% proven statement that says these systems will disappear right this very moment. For the Nintendo 3DS and for the PS Vita, we believe there will be a few years of life for it. That means don’t rush off and begin to splurge on handhelds to keep wrapped up and sell to others for higher prices or to keep for yourself in case one system dies. The future is unknown for some of these amazing handhelds and thus, they still cling to life even now as we speak. The PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS are still selling—with an edge going to Nintendo—and still have games occasionally release for them even today. That’s a good sign for fans of these impressive necessary travel companions. They might eventually go, but both the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS are still alive and kicking for now.

Final Thoughts

All handhelds have eventually succumbed to time readers, it just is an inevitability. We hate to have to buy new handhelds and pay for new accessories, games and various other upgrades, but equally, it’s an exciting thing because we get some new gaming consoles to wear down with hours of play time. That’s why we will miss the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS when they bow out, but we equally know we’ll get some new handhelds in the future and we look forward to those. What are your thoughts on the end of the handheld titans? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. For articles similar to this one to read and enjoy, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

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