Is Painter of the Night the New Killing Stalking?

A couple of years ago, when Killing Stalking came out, most people couldn’t believe how messed up the story was, but still read it with morbid curiosity. Things didn’t work out for the main characters of that story and the ending was shocking, to say the least. Now, years later, we get a story with similar vibes, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s as disturbing as the story of Yoon Bum and Sangwoo. Time to talk about Painter of the Night, ladies and gentlemen!

A Boy With a Talent

Ever since he was a little kid, Na-Kyum knew what he wanted to do for a living: painting images of people—more specifically, men having sex. No one knows why this young man is obsessed with erotic paintings, although a lot of people say it’s because he grew up in a house surrounded by prostitutes, where he witnessed them having sex with men every single day. Whatever his reasons are, it can’t be denied that Na-Kyum has a good eye, especially for someone who’s still a virgin.

Na-Kyum knows that his paintings are worth something, so he starts selling them to make some money… until one day, out of nowhere, he decides to stop painting. Why would he do something like that? There’s one man in particular who’s not happy with this. Seungho is a nobleman with quite the reputation in the village, a man known to have an insatiable appetite for sex. After learning that his favorite artist has stopped painting, he takes it upon himself to find him! When Seungho finds out that Na-Kyum is the boy behind the art that arouses him so much, he immediately takes him back to his house and makes him an offer…

A Nobleman With a Reputation

Everyone in the village knows that Seungho is a beast out of control, with an insatiable lust and an explosive personality. He’s feared by most and he uses that to his advantage, always obtaining what he wants. He sleeps around and enjoys having sex with multiple men at a time, but lately, Seunho’s been having a problem: he can’t get hard anymore. No matter how many hot men are in the same room with him, his “friend” doesn’t react. Luckily, Seungho soon discovers how to fix this problem, and with the help of some erotic paintings, he gets in the mood and is ready to go. If only he could find the artist behind such arousing artwork…

It doesn’t take long for Seungho to find Na-Kyum and, when he does, he takes him to his house and forces the boy to watch him having sex with another nobleman, expecting the artist to paint the scene. Of course, Na-Kyum is not comfortable with this situation and refuses to paint, but Seunho doesn’t give up easily and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Seungho bribes Na-Kyum, telling him he’ll help Na-Kyum’s teacher be elected for a government’s position. Seeing that’s not enough, Seungho threatens the artist and goes as far as taking him by force. Na-Kyum’s nights will never be the same after that!

Psychological Torture, Stockholm Syndrome and Obsession

When Na-Kyum first arrives at the house, he doesn’t know what Seunho expects from him, but when he’s summoned to the nobleman’s chamber that night, it becomes clear that things are not going to be easy for the painter. During his first night there, Na-Kyum is forced to watch Seungho having rough sex with Jihwa, another nobleman. The artist’s task is simple: he has to paint what he sees. Unfortunately, Na-Kyum is so flustered he can hardly stare at what’s going on in front of him. On several occasions, Seunho calls for Na-Kyum to watch and then paint what he sees, but the boy refuses to do so.

Seungho is not a patient man, so he soon loses his temper and takes Na-Kyum by force, telling him to remember every detail so he can paint it later. As time goes by, Na-Kyum tries to escape, but he’s always caught and brought back to the house. Sooner than later, Seungho starts developing feelings for Na-Kyum but is unable to show them, so he does what he knows best: thrust deeply inside Na-Kyum! Strangely enough, Na-Kyum begins to accept Seungho’s behavior as something normal, and decides to stay by his side.

Final Thoughts

Painter of the Night is far from being completed, so we don’t know what’s going to happen with these two. Will they have a happy ending or will their story end in tragedy? One thing’s for sure: the relationship between Seungho and Na-Kyum, much like Yoon Bum and Sangwoo’s, is really messed up.

Nonetheless, this story has some things that set it apart from other BL manhwas, and the art style is so gorgeous it makes us forget for a moment how violent Seungho can be. If your fujoshi stomach can take it, Painter of the Night is waiting for you!

painter-of-the-night-kiss Is Painter of the Night the New Killing Stalking?

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