Is This Part of the Job Description?! - Mama Akuma Volume 1

This Is Peak Professional Service.
  • Mangaka : Kuzushiro
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Slice of Life
  • Published : January 2021 - Ongoing

The demon, Seere, has a good track record of providing excellent services for his clients, with whom he forms contracts, for many centuries. His services cover slaughtering the enemies of their clients and gather wealth beyond measure any means necessary. The next client, Sakura Masuda, isn’t the kind of master he expected. She is a fourth-grader, and she wanted to have Seere as her mama! With the sense of pride in his job, Seere will have to become the greatest mama Sakura could ask for!

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

When in doubt, summon a demon to have them act as your parent. Actually, please don’t do that in real life. The manga focuses on the comedic approach of having a demon as a mother so that Sakura can experience the mother’s love. The way Seere and other characters are drawn felt like they are in a different league, including the environment they live in are not as detailed as those representing Seere’s past jobs. It is difficult to take the story development and Seere’s approach to handle issues seriously due to how absurd they are.

Why You Should Read Mama Akuma

1. Understanding Parenting

Most people will bound to start a family of their own, and it is okay to be inexperience when it comes to parenting for the first time. That is what this story is about. Seere has never taken a job like this because he is a demon, and you have to give him props for learning the ropes with his previous experiences. They make us feel more appreciate toward our parents for everything they had done for us. No matter where you are, you always need to be there for your parents and children.

2. In the Eyes of a Motherless Child

Sakura is the only person in the family who has full control over Seere to ensure everything is done normally, so magic is not allowed. The family setting does make Sakura mature in some areas, but their neighbour, Yuuko, pointed out the fact that Sakura is still a child, and she wants to experience a mother’s love.

3. Bonds

We didn’t expect this series to be too wholesome. Probably because the master is a fourth-grader, and Seere’s pride to provide satisfactory service to his clients and maintain professionalism. Sakura understands Seere’s lack of experience and chooses to accept his flaws. Her brother, Hijiri Masuda, hasn’t accepted Seere entirely yet, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops in the future volumes.

4. Don’t Take It Seriously

The chemistry between a demon who can slaughter anyone without hesitation and a master who wants a normal mother and doesn’t like things to be done with magic makes the story interesting, funny and relatable to the daily lives we see every day. To put a cherry on the top, Seere’s professionalism makes displays that were unexpected and weird sometimes.

5. Mix of Artstyle

Although everything is drawn by one mangaka, it is incredible to see how the character designs, present, and past’s background felt different. The characters’ features suit their personalities and how beautiful they are. There wasn’t much room to call the backgrounds lacking as they are drawn extremely detail.

Final Thoughts

Mama Akuma is a fun manga to read for readers who prefer family comedy. It offers serious and wholesome moments shared between parents and children and vice versa. The mix of artstyle for specific elements of the manga makes the overall experience enjoyable. We can’t wait to read what future has the series has in store! If you read this manga, which moment is your favourite?

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