"Isekai Ojisan" Unveiled Its Teaser Visual!!

Isekai Ojisan

Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai

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One day, Takafumi visited his uncle, who had just woken up after 17 years of sleeping. His uncle tells Takafumi that he has spent 17 years living in another world called "Gran Bahamaru".

"My uncle has gone crazy" is Takafumi's natural reaction...

A funny new Isekai comedy starts with the harsh life Ojisan (the uncle) experienced in another world and Takafumi!!

Characters & Voice Actors

Ojisan (Takafumi's uncle):

Other TitleUncle from Another World
"Isekai Ojisan (Uncle from Another World)" (Manga)
Isekai-Ojisan-KV "Isekai Ojisan" Unveiled Its Teaser Visual!!

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hotondoshindeiru

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