Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! (The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated) - Save the Best for Last!

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated is a hilariously creative comedy anime set over an interesting overarching plot. The show is only on its fourth episode at the moment but Jahy's amusing escapades have already left a lasting impression on watchers of the show. Let's take a look at how a tiny infant plans to rebuild the Demon Realm all by herself!
What's the Story?

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated follows the life of our main character, Jahy. Jahy, in the demon realm, was the Demon Lord's number two. She lived a life of luxury with servants waiting on her hand and foot. Unfortunately, things all came crashing down when the Demon Realm was attacked by a magical girl. Jahy was subsequently banished to the human realm and lost a majority of her powers (thereby transforming her into the body of an infant). Now, while working part-time as a waitress to make ends meet, Jahy must scour the planet in hopes of reclaiming several crystal fragments, restoring her original body, and returning to rebuild the Demon Realm.

The show takes a fairly episodic format wherein Jahy will be faced with a new and imposing threat each and every episode. Usually, these threats take the form of her oversleeping and missing work, failing to pay her rent, or struggling to save money. While it is possible to pick up almost any episode so far with a brief understanding of the plot, each episode does hint at an eventual climax of Jahy rebuilding the Dark Realm. The show is a comedy first and foremost but those who skip out on certain episodes may miss key information littered throughout.

While only four episodes have released at the time this article is being written, no defining plot arcs have yet to develop. Naturally, we are still being introduced to new characters and so an "arc" so to speak seems a little premature. The show is very similar to another anime known as "The Devil is a Part-Timer" not only in premise but in execution as well. Fans of this series will find themselves right at home with The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

What's the Draw?

Jahy herself is the main draw here and most other characters only exist to give Jahy someone to interact with. Jahy is a confident, prideful, yet incredibly irresponsible person. While she feels arrogant and boastful in her human form, we never come to despise this trait due to how utterly powerless and feeble she is in her child form. We know that, no matter how poorly she treats those around her, she is never more than thirty minutes away from returning to a child and being stepped on by either her landlord or her boss. Jahy comes to like her life in the human world as each day passes particularly when she has had an exceptionally good day at work or has enjoyed dinner with a friend. The show does a great job of developing Jahy from a tyrannical dictator into an everyday human.

The side characters, as mentioned previously, all act as foils or amplifiers for Jahy. Her boss is incredibly kind and unwilling to take offense at anything insults Jahy spews at her. Her landlord is the kind of villain Jahy emulated in her previous life. Now having her role reversed, Jahy comes to witness just how terrifying she is to those inferior to her. Druj is one of Jahy's subordinates and one who retains her affection for her. She strokes Jahy's ego just enough to keep her from packing in her dreams of restoring the Demon Realm. Most recently, we've also seen a potential rival to Jahy and one who is vying for her position of power. Regardless, each side character has their own role to play in pushing the narrative forward. Either, they develop Jahy's moral compass and growth as a person, or they further the crystal collection plotline. The characters in Jahy, while nothing special, perform their function perfectly.

The comedy is also very amusing to see play out. There is a great mix of clever wordplay, hilarious misunderstandings, and slapstick comedy on display in The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated. While the show may not cause your belly to ache from laughter, it balances the line between wit, drama, and plot progression very nicely, without one aspect overshadowing the other.

Final Thoughts

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated was a latecomer to this season but one that many had been anticipating for a long time. Now that it's here, we can safely say that we were not disappointed with the way this show was adapted from its manga variant. With wonderfully smooth animation, funny and interesting characters, and a protagonist that carries the show, The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated is a must-watch for this Summer! How are you enjoying The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated o far? Let us know!

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