New Trailer and KV for "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish" Plunge Us Deeper Into Its Touching Story

Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi


Slice of Life, Romance, Drama

Airing Date:
December 25th 2020


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Josee has been in a weelchair since her childhood because of her disability. Because of that, she has come to build a wall around herself and lives only in her world surrounded by her hobbies, books, and imaginations.
One day, she is helped by university student Tsuneo when she was about to fall down from the top of a steep grade, and that was their first encounter.
Tsuneo works his way through university and a major in marine biology pursuing his dream to see a school of extremely rare fish that can only be found in Mexico by himself. Tsuneo's grandmother Chizu requests that he work part-time by spending time with Josee and meeting her needs and wants.
However, Josee, who has a bit of a twisted personality and a sharp tongue, treats Tsuneo badly. In response to that, Tsuneo doesn't try to put up with her attitude and instead is honest to her. Even though there are plenty of clashes between them, they finally deepen their relationship.
While leading such a life, Josee decides to step out into the world with Tsuneo…

The original creator of Josee, the Tiger and the Fish is the late Seiko Tanabe, who is famous for translating Genji Monogatari from old Japanese to a more modern one.

Characters & Voice Actors

Tsuneo Suzuki: Taishi Nakagawa

A 4th-grade student at Osaka University. He chose marine biology as his major because of his fascination with Mexican fish. To study abroad after graduation, he holds many jobs, including one at a diving shop. After meeting Josee, he is offered a part-time job by her grandmother. According to Josee, "You only do this for the free dinners."
Josee: Kaya Kiyohara

She started to call herself Josee after her favorite book. She currently lives with her grandmother and moves around in a wheelchair. She likes reading books and drawing. Because she spends most of her life at home not being able to see the outside world, which she loves so much, she immerses herself in a fantasy where she can swim like a fish whenever she wants. But with her cute look comes a dirty mouth. Tsuneo says, "Although you are dressed delicately, you become ruthless when you open your mouth. Just like a Samak jellyfish."

Other TitleJosee, the Tiger and the Fish
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Seiko Tanabe
  • Director: Kotaro Tamura
  • Script: Sayaka Kuwamura
  • Character Design: Iizuka Haruko
  • Music: Evan Call

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