Juushinki Pandora Reveals New PV & Key Visual for NEXT Arc.

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Juushinki Pandora

Action, Mecha, Sci-fi

Airing Date:
April 4 2018


Honey’s Highlights

bee-jerk Juushinki Pandora Reveals New PV & Key Visual for NEXT Arc.
So the Macross series creator, Shoji Kawamori, is now making a new series? Juushinki Pandora? Alright. I'll bite.
bee-jerk Juushinki Pandora Reveals New PV & Key Visual for NEXT Arc.
The real question is if the west will see it. After the Macross scandal years ago where someone stole it and copyrighted it, he hasn't let any Macross out of Japan. That's why we don't see it in the west.
bee-jerk Juushinki Pandora Reveals New PV & Key Visual for NEXT Arc.
Even though this is a new anime from him, looking at his history working on anime, it makes total sense that this would be another mecha. AKB0048, Escaflowne, and Sousei Aquarion are some of the shows he's worked on.
bee-jerk Juushinki Pandora Reveals New PV & Key Visual for NEXT Arc.
He's also working on Hisone to Maso-tan this season. I think we will see it in the west. Netflix is streaming it.

Promotional Videos / PV

Official Images / Key Visuals


Leon Lau was in the middle of the Shouryuu Crisis, wherein the new-generation energy equipment made to replace the dried-up resources, the Element Reactor, went berserk, releasing an unknown energy before exploding.

After the crisis, the earth’s environment completely changed. Living creatures other than humans and machines evolved, giving birth to a new kind of being that would push humanity to the brink of extinction, known as “B.R.A.I.”

Seven years after the Shouryuu Crisis, Leon lives in a wasteland, away from the heavily guarded city of Neo Shouryuu. While living with Chloe Lau, who he promised to become family with, he researches how to fight back against the B.R.A.I. The scruffy Leon and caring Chloe may live as though they’ve forgotten the past, but a threatening reality is closing in on them…

Three Episode Impression

Honestly, we didn't even make it past episode two. So that is what we will talk about. Shouji Kawamori had a bad past with Macross overseas which is why Crunchyroll will probably never get this anime. The story is about AI that basically advanced itself so much that it integrated into all forms of life including plants and animals. However, when nature itself turned against humanity, humanity was not ready. Thus, humanity now lives scattered as bounty hunters try to take down massive monsters that roam the globe. They fight inside robots who utilize their humanity to move. If it sounds weird, that’s because it was/is. The show is tragically bad for the Macross creator and it’s really sad. Maybe if he branched out in another direction, then this would have been better.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Leon Lau

Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno

An exiled genius scientist and one of the main people who caused the Shouryuu Crisis. After the incident, he lives in a wasteland outside of Neo Shouryuu with Chloe, who he promised to become family with. He’s generally quiet and useless, but becomes talkative when it comes to his research or food.

Chloe Lau

Voice Actor: Nao Touyama

Leon’s “little sister” who supports him. They are not related by blood but she thinks of him as a real older brother. She does her best to look after Leon, who is useless when it comes to anything except research. She’s cheerful and unafraid of anything or anyone, a really energetic girl.

Queenie You

Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa

Queenie is a beautiful warrior bounty hunter who has lost everything. A cool practitioner of Kenpo, she is searching for strength. Previously, she trained for the Sorashinken (Sky God Fist) at a dojo deep in the mountains. She travels, searching for the subject of her revenge.

Dag Horvat

Voice Actor: Kenjirou Tsuda

Dag is a sniper who loves cats and women. He has a permanent smile and is talkative setting the mood for the group. As a sniper though, when he sets his sights on his prey, his eyes are sharp and cool like a beast. Currently, he makes his living as a bounty hunter. He cannot leave his pet cat alone, so he brings it with him everywhere.

Glen Deen

Voice Actor: Yuuma Uchida

Glen is a commanding officer who cares deeply for his family. However, he lost his family during the Shouryuu Crisis, and subsequently enlisted as a volunteer soldier in the defense forces. He is a captain within the forces. He joins the fight against B.R.A.I. in order to get revenge, but his anger against it is ever present.

Jay Yun

Voice Actor: Yuuichirou Umehara

Jay is a military staff who’s coldhearted. Before the Shouryuu Crisis, he was a ministerial secretary in Neo Shouryuu City who worked for Cecil. He views his school friend Leon as his rival and after the reactor incident, he has even more suspicions in regards to him.

Cain Abraham Hassan

Voice Actor: Unshou Ishizuka

Cain is a former mercenary from a private military company and is now the commander of the great black pillar Pandora. Cain is heroic and has a great sense of moral obligation and humane feelings leading him to being conscious of the care of his members. He is a massive junkie of Japanese peppers.

Cecil Suu

Voice Actor: Ai Kayano

Cecil is a young lady who rules over Neo Shouryuu. After the death of her father in the Shouryuu Crisis, this young woman was inaugurated as the mayor of Neo Shouryuu City. She concurrently also holds the post of Commanding Officer of the Defense Forces which formed Pandora.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Sirius by BUMP OF CHICKEN
  • Ending Song: Spica by BUMP OF CHICKEN

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Shoji Kawamori, Satelight
  • Director: Shoji Kawamori, Hidekazu Satou
  • Series Composition: Toshizou Nemoto
  • Character Design: Eiji Abiko
  • Original Illustrator: Risa Ebata
  • Music: Masahiro Tokuda, Akihiro Manabe

For more information: Official Website

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