Comedy, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
October 2021


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“KAGINADO Academy”.
The characters that have wringed out gallons of tears from Key fans all over the world for the past 20 years gather in this utopia... of sorts.
Now they are moving not only the fans’ emotions but the barriers dividing their worlds as well, to enjoy a new school life in a whole new world.
Free, fun, and filled with joy.
A dreamlike story is about to begin.

Game studio Visual Arts and its brand Key have been iconic in the industry for 20 years.
The debut work “Kanon” released in June 1999 shook the hearts of numerous game players. “Tori No Uta”, theme song of “AIR” released the next year, was praised as the “national anthem”. “CLANNAD”, referred to as “life” by its fans, was acclaimed upon release. Key’s story of girls bestowed with harsh fate, the iconic “tear-jerking games” and its characters have always grasped the users’ hearts.
Since then, the company has released not only games, but anime, music, and other forms of work as well. “My Soul,Your Beats!”, the theme song for Key anime “AngelBeats!” topped the 2010 Billboard JAPAN Indies Sales Chart, “CLANNAD”, “planetarian”, and “Little Busters!” were released on the global game platform Steam, and “Rewrite” successfully accomplished a crowdfunding project for a localized release.
Also, “Summer Pockets” was awarded the 2018 Moe-Game Award, movie “Kud Wafter” is planned for release in 2021, and mobile game “Heaven Burns Red” in collaboration with GREE is planned for release at the end of 2021.

Characters & Voice Actors

Yuichi Aizawa: Tomokazu Sugita

From "Kanon". A first-generation Key protagonist who is incapable of reading between the lines. He mainly had five victims, but that is likely to increase. He generally doesn’t rock the boat, but his frank words and actions can sometimes lead to trouble. He is a leader among the protagonists.
Yukito Kunisaki: Daisuke Ono

From "Air". An unemployed self-proclaimed street performer with no fixed address. He’s already grown up, but he often appears at schools as if nostalgic for something. He’s constantly short of money, and this sometimes leads to him collapsing. He’s special abilities are manipulating a puppet with magic and transforming into a crow.
Tomoya Okazaki: Yuichi Nakamura

From "CLANNAD". Although called a delinquent, he has broken the hearts of many heroines by giving them a glimpse of his sincere expression. Also known as the Harem King. His good fortune sometimes extends to his best friend, Youhei Sunohara. He is the most determined of the protagonists and has even experienced marriage.
Riki Naoe: Yui Horie

From "Little Busters!”. He pretends to be a herbivore man, but he is actually one of the most carnivorous people in Key. He’s even naughty enough to dress up as a girl to tickle the hearts of men. For him, “sorry” is just a superficial line. He has his doubts about how this fictional world came to be.
Kotaro Tennouji: Masakazu Morita

From "Rewrite". He is a hero who saved the earth and humanity, but he doesn’t want to leave any records of his existence, so he stays hidden in the shadows. He has the most shonen manga-like protagonist powers, such as growing a sword from his arm and rewriting his physical abilities. He has an unusually strong sexual appetite for a Key protagonist, but people of all ages can make him tear up. He is around 30 years old.
Yumemi Hoshino: Keiko Suzuki

From "Planetarian". A commentator who has traveled across time to the un-planetarium-like KAGINADO. She will be appearing with the magically modified Miss Jena. Of course, she’s not wearing any.

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: VISUAL ARTS / Key
  • Director: Kazuya Sakamoto
  • Script: Takashi Aoshima, Kai, Toya Okano
  • Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima
  • Character Design: Eriko Haga
  • Sound Director: Akane Maeda
  • Music: TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION (Sound Production) / VISUAL ARTS / Key (Music Production)

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