Kaitou Joker 3rd Season - Anime Spring 2016

Kaitou Joker 3rd Season


Action, Mystery, Comedy

Airing Date:
April 4, 2016

Other Seasons:

Shin-Ei Animation


(This is the 3rd season)

Kaitou Joker isn’t your standard thief! He’s audacious and elusive and makes miracles happen as his alias ‘miracle maker’ implies. He travels the world with his accomplice Hachi stealing treasures around the world! Now his story begins!

If he has seen it, either person or thing, he can transform into it using ‘Image Gum!’ He also travels throughout the world whether it’s on his plane, Sky Joker, or in his car, Road Joker, which also double as his secret base!

Slightly clumsy Hachi the ninja is the sidekick to Joker and supports him while being good at cooking! Spade, Joker’s rival, also has appeared and he previously trained on how to be a thief with him! Queen Diamond also appears as she too trained with the both of them. They travel around the world, narrowly escaping the detectives and law enforcement officials. Somehow they pull of a miracle every time regardless of the situation and run off to steal the next big treasure.

Many adventures await you within this show! Car chases with Road Joker, narrow escapes, surviving in ancient ruins on a southern island, a ninjutsu battle with ninjas, a gourmet chef’s cooking, a popular idol dance, and more! There is even a time travel incident necessary to steal a great treasure.

It’s impossible to predict what sort of tricks and actions will surprise you! This great show for adventurers has everything!

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Ayumu Murase

Joker is a thief who is after the world’s treasures. His alias is ‘miracle maker.’ He takes great pride in his thievery by not only announcing that he will be stealing something before he does, but also, he is obsessed with stealing objects of great value. Sometimes, though his pride can get out of hand and becomes a bit irritating, especially because he hates cleaning and laundry. When he has free time, he watches TV, reads manga, and plays games while lounging around the house. He does not like cats.


Voice Actor: Yumika Kobayashi

Hachi is Joker’s sidekick. He is a bit of a clumsy, new thief. In spite of the fact that he was born and raised in a village of ninjas, he was a failure as a ninja due to his clumsiness. He is easygoing and has a strong sense of justice while also having a friendly sense of duty and a good amount of empathy. He can be slightly unreliable, but he greatly supports Joker. He’s great at household chores and he’s basically a professional chef when it comes to cooking!


Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono

Spade is Joker’s rival. Spade gathers information, researches, and makes plans due to his practical nature. Spade also is proud of parts of himself, but it’s different from Joker, and he can be a bit of a narcissist. At times, he can use cold words to keep people from getting too close to him, once he does accept the other person, he will become devoted. If he gets too excited though, he can get a fever.

Queen Diamond

Voice Actor: Miyuki Sawashiro

Queen belongs to silver heart and she is a female thief who trained with Joker and Spade. She’s friendly and a tomboy, but she is also upbeat and doesn’t sweat the small things. Her sense of justice is so strong that it can become a bit meddlesome sometimes! She’s not good at cooking, but she is good at using cutlery. She admires Silver Heart, and her dream was to be an adventurer who traveled the world in search of treasures but…

Promotional Videos / PV

Other Title怪盗ジョーカー, Mysterious Joker
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kaitou Miracle Shounen Boy 2 by Arukara
  • Ending Song: Kagayaku Yoru he Youkoso! by Fuki Commune

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hideyasu Takahashi
  • Director: Yukiyo Teramoto
  • Script: Dai Satou, Kimiko Ueno
  • Series Composition: Dai Satou
  • Character Design: Miho Shimogawa
  • Animation Director: Masae Ootake
  • Sound Director: Takuya Hiramitsu
  • Music: Yusaku Tsuchiya

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