Smartphone Game Kakuchou Shoujo-Kei Trinary To Become Anime Series!

Kakuchou Shoujo-Kei Trinary


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Toei Animation, Koei Techmo Games

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To protect Tokyo from the “Phenomenon,” a special girls’ army was formed.

There is a mysterious Phenomenon that is happening in the capital Tokyo. To fight this, girls having special powers have formed the Trinary. Girls connect with Clans and become strong soldiers to fight the Phenomenon that destroys the human minds. In their fight, the girls face numerous challenges with humans, as well as themselves.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Tsubame Ouse

Voice Actor: Mariko Takeda

15 years old. Pure, optimistic, kind-hearted - Tsubame can make friends easily. She is a big fan of FreyMENOW and feels encouraged when she listens to their songs. Her ability was seen amidst the Phenomenon. Kagura is her best friend among the Trinary members.

Kagura Uzuki

Voice Actor: Emi Hirata

15 years old. Kagura is Tsubame’s best friend and has a warm personality. Despite loving cute and frilly things, she is the ace in the Trinary with her great power. She frequents Akihabara.

Gabriela Lotarynska

Voice Actor: Yuuki Yagi

14 years old and born in Poland. Her nickname is Gab but Ayami calls her Gabby. Having been raised in a good family, she is very proud, competitive and hates to lose. She especially feels a strong rivalry with Tsubame. But she also has a girl and cute side, and dislikes making enemies. She is responsible for mid-range support during fight.

Ayami Kunimasa

Voice Actor: Mitsuki Nakae

21 years old and the leader of Trinary. She is quick-witted, with a calm personality but shows a strict side. Although seemingly unapproachable, she uses her cold front to hide her true personality that gets embarassed easily. She also likes children. She calmly assesses the situation in a fight and gives orders to the members accordingly. Her nickname is Aya.

Miyabi Koigasaki

Voice Actor: Ami Hagihara

17 years old. Miyabi is skilled in information processing and has the ability to analyze situations in detail, being a great support to the members of Trinary. She is shown to have an always-sleepy face, and doesn’t show her personality much. Although she doesn’t seem to have much interest in anything, when it comes to the things she likes, she is a fanatic. Born in Kochi prefecture, she speaks with a Tosa dialect.

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Akira Tsuchiya
  • Director: Itsurou Kawasaki
  • Series Composition: Ippou Hyoudou, Akira Tsuchiya
  • Character Design: Toshiyuki Shitaya, Masakazu Yamazaki
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Music: Takeshi Nakatsuka

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