Keijo!!!!!!!! Is Now a Real Thing Just Because

What You Need to Know:

  • The internet has brought us many interesting things over the last 20 years or so. We have had some great things be created like emails, crowdfunding websites that funded things like potato salad, and more. The internet has also brought about very questionable things as well. The next of which, we could not have predicted.
  • Calling themselves Keijo Portugal, it seems that a group has been formed to actually make Keijo a real sport. If you have no idea what it is, Keijo is the eponymous sport from the anime Keijo!!!!!!!! which aired last summer which focues on battles on water involving female athletes. There are special rules as players can only attack with their boobs and hips. No, we are not kidding you, and spectators bet on the matches just like at the racetrack.
  • Based in what appears to be Portugal, a group has gotten together with the cooperation of a few companies and actually made a Keijo!!!!!!!! fighting ring over a pool. They even have photos of them trying out an actual match of Keijo. What is different from the series though is that they are wearing pads on their hips and chests; which is a smart idea. If you are interested, be sure to like their page and follow it.

Source: Keijo Portugal Facebook Page

bee-surprised2 Keijo!!!!!!!! Is Now a Real Thing Just Because
What... no stop... make it stop. I only like it when they are 2D!
bee-surprised2 Keijo!!!!!!!! Is Now a Real Thing Just Because
What are you going on about? This is what you wanted! I think they were smart to protect themselves with padding!
bee-surprised2 Keijo!!!!!!!! Is Now a Real Thing Just Because


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