Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review

Two Great Zombie Titles In One Amazing Value Package

Game Info:

  • System: PS4
  • Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
  • Developer: Tripwire Interactive
  • Release Date: May 21, 2019

Who it Caters to

KF-1-Killing-Floor-Double-Feature-Capture-560x315 Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review
The Killing Floor franchise has continued to impress gamers all across the world. Not only has Killing Floor 2 become one of the more well known zombie co-op titles, Killing Floor: Incursion made for one amazing VR experience. We here at Honey’s Anime have reviewed both games before for the site—as we love us some zombie themed games—but we know not everyone has had their chance at entering either Killing Floor game and that needs to be corrected ASAP! Developer Tripwire Interactive seems to realize their games need to be played by all and they have given gamers the chance to do so in the form of an amazing bundle. Titled Killing Floor: Double Feature, this budget priced title—only $39.99—aims to give PlayStation and PSVR owners their chance at owning both titles for literally the price of one. We’ll talk more about this amazing deal as we re-examine both games in our review down below!

What to Expect

KF-1-Killing-Floor-Double-Feature-Capture-560x315 Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review
Killing Floor: Double Feature contains not one but two epic zombie games from developer Tripwire Interactive. Players can join with others online or on the same screen in co-op zombie killing mayhem if they play Killing Floor 2. Meanwhile, PSVR owners can revel in a new Killing Floor story that has them using their VR headsets to shoot Zeds up close and personal! Both titles come as a single download if you pick up Killing Floor: Double Feature but only cost half of what both games are standalone. Killing Floor: Double Feature is aimed at giving all PlayStation owners a chance at playing both titles without having to spend an arm and a leg!


KF-1-Killing-Floor-Double-Feature-Capture-560x315 Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review
Killing Floor: Double Feature contains two different stories due to its double gaming feature. Killing Floor 2 follows a world ending zombie apocalypse with strange beasts rising up and Zeds gathering in numbers. A select few individuals have been deemed strong enough and have been hired to kill these threats with whatever weapons/armaments they can find. Killing Floor: Incursion has players assuming the role of a tester who finds a new program meant as a Zed killing training simulation has become corrupted. Making matters worse, this program now has the ability to kill the tester if they are killed while playing! In Killing Floor: Incursion you’ll have to use all the skills you’ve learned to stop the corruption and avoid getting a permanent game over!


KF-1-Killing-Floor-Double-Feature-Capture-560x315 Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review
Killing Floor 2 and Killing Floor: Incursion are two games we’ve had the privilege of reviewing here at Honey’s Anime when they original released sometime ago. That’s why our review of Killing Floor: Double Feature won’t be a rehashing of things we loved or disliked about either title but more a quick summary of what makes both games awesome and why this bundle shines brightly. As a PlayStation exclusive, Killing Floor: Double Feature gives those who haven’t bought either Killing Floor game yet a chance at getting both with little hassle. Should you buy Killing Floor: Double Feature though even if you never played either one? We will let you know in our review of Killing Floor: Double Feature for the PS4.

Starting with Killing Floor 2, the main idea of this zombie filled game is simple. Players assume the role of a survivor who has been hired by a corporation to kill zombies, better known as Zeds. Choose between several classes and choose from dozens of weapons to best unleash hell on the Zed army! Killing Floor 2 is basically a horde-themed zombie FPS where you can either play alone or with friends/strangers surviving wave after wave of Zed baddies. Killing Floor 2 might not seem like a radically different zombie game, but why it works well is due to the dizzying number of weapons, maps, enemies, bosses and modes you can play. Even if you play alone, you’ll find tons of different ways to play giving you a heft number of gameplay variants not often seen in horde FPS titles. Killing Floor 2 just had an update—which we reviewed—that added a new map and several goodies showing this title is far from being done and is still being worked on even several years after its initial release.

Killing Floor: Incursion is the newer title of the bundle acting as a PSVR exclusive. Like Killing Floor 2, the main theme is you’re controlling a character who must kill Zeds but within a digital test program that has become a bit too real. Unlike the horde theme to Killing Floor 2, Killing Floor: Incursion is more story driven with a multitude of locations to fight through and enemies to blast with your VR skills. Not only does Killing Floor: Incursion look incredible—in terms of a PSVR game—but it plays just as well. Tight controls with simple movement systems means you can kill Zeds left and right with a minimal chance of nausea or the need to thrown up chunks after long gaming sessions.

Killing Floor: Double Feature strength is that both of these games are packaged together offering a sale that is mind blowing. Killing Floor 2 offers easily hundreds of hours of gameplay while Killing Floor: Incursion is at least around 10 or more. That amount of gameplay for only $39.99 is surreal and is rarely seen in the current gaming landscape. One can argue that Killing Floor 2 is old, but as we mentioned above, it’s been updated consistently for the last few years with no end in sight. If you think about it, how many titles have developers continued updating once the game reaches past its first year alone?

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

KF-1-Killing-Floor-Double-Feature-Capture-560x315 Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review
Killing Floor: Double Feature isn’t a necessary buy for those who own both games, but for the few who haven’t yet entered the amazing horde killing co-op experience, this is the bundle you need to own! Not only is Killing Floor 2 an experience that just recently got updated—and see constant streams of updates every so often—Killing Floor: Incursion is easily one of the best PSVR titles we’ve ever played. Both games still suffer from their original issues we discussed in our reviews, but both titles also shine due to their near perfection level gameplay. That’s why this shouldn’t even be a hard sell readers out there. Love zombie games and love playing with friends and/or love PSVR zombie themed shooters? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, buy Killing Floor: Double Feature. The price tag is amazing for two games that alone should be full priced at this point.

Honey's Pros:

  • Two amazing games within one excellently priced bundle
  • Killing Floor 2 still rocks with tons of co-op greatness or single player zombie FPS action
  • Killing Floor: Incursion has some of the best PSVR visuals and gameplay
  • Both titles have hundreds of hours of gameplay that rarely gets old

Honey's Cons:

  • Both titles still suffer from their respective minor faults
  • Not worth it to those who own either game or both

Honey's Final Verdict:

KF-1-Killing-Floor-Double-Feature-Capture-560x315 Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review
We didn’t want to do a full-on review for both Killing Floor titles as we have reviewed them before and that would feel a bit silly. Really, our main goal in this review is to explain what makes Killing Floor: Double Feature such an awesome bundle. Not only are you getting two incredibly well put together titles that have stood out as being testaments on how zombie games should be done but you’re getting them at a fraction of the price. You need to buy Killing Floor: Double Feature if you even thought—for a second—of buying either one in the past.

Are you going to pick up Killing Floor: Double Feature? Comment below why or why not as we want to hear your feedback! For even more game reviews and anything anime or gaming related, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

KF-1-Killing-Floor-Double-Feature-Capture-560x315 Killing Floor: Double Feature - PlayStation 4 Review


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