Fantasy Anime Movie "Kimi wa Kanata" Makes Its Splash November 2020!

Kimi-wa-Kanata-KV-e1603274996401 Fantasy Anime Movie "Kimi wa Kanata" Makes Its Splash November 2020!

Kimi-wa-Kanata-KV-e1603274996401 Fantasy Anime Movie "Kimi wa Kanata" Makes Its Splash November 2020!

Kimi wa Kanata

Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School, Shoujo

Airing Date:
November 27, 2020

Digital Network Animation

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"No... There's no guarantee that hardwork will pay off."

Mio is in her second year of high school, and is a girl who just sort of gets by. She doesn't really do homework and she's not good at making a real effort at anything.
With her childhood friends Arata and Madoka, she often goes to hang out in Ikebukuro after school and they generally have a good time. Until Madoka tells Mio that she's starting to have feelings for Arata; this immediately makes her realize that she too has feelings for him, but not wanting to ruin their relationship, she tells Madoka she will support her.

Mio is confused and starts avoiding Arata, keeping him at a distance, which eventually leads to them fighting. This makes Mio realize she's been running from her own feelings this whole time, so in order to make things right she decides to talk things through with Arata. However, on that rainy day, as she is on her way to meet him she ends up in a traffic accident.

When Mio wakes up, the world is completely different. Around her trains run on water with beautiful whales swimming next to them...

She's in a place she's never seen before.

When she goes to the station and exits through the ticket gates, she's in Ikebukuro, a place she knows well! But it's still slightly strange..

She continues walking through the streets until she meets Gimon, a character who claims to be "the guide in this world". Gimon tells Mio that she's currently in a reflection of the world, and there are doors that lead to the world Mio wants, but...

"You shouldn't listen to Gimon anymore, let's go back!"

Out of nowhere a mysterious girl, Kiku-chan, appears and stops Mio from opening the door. She tells Mio that the proper way to get back to the real world is to go to Lost & Found. Once there, Mio learns that she needs to find a lost memory from her world and convey how strong her desire is to return. Mio tries to find a way back home with Gimon and Kiku-chan, but for some reason she can't recall the lost memory she needs. And since she can't answer, the staff disappears...

"I miss Arata. I need to tell him something!"

There's just one way for Mio to return to Arata... she needs to walk around in an empty Ikebukuro to find that precious, lost memory among all the other memories she has in this part of town...

Characters & Voice Actors

Mio Miyamasu: Honoka Matsumoto

Mio is 17 years old and in her second year of high school. She’s lazy and doesn’t want to do boring things, and has no confidence so she gives up very easily. She’s had a crush on Arata for a while but has yet to tell him. When she was younger she used to like to sing, and her dream was to work in an aquarium because she loves sea animals. Despite practicing when she was younger she would always be too nervous to perform well when singing, and never did well in ballet, so she lost confidence and stopped “working hard”. She's grown since but still has no confidence and can never say what her true feelings are. When Madoka tells her that she has a crush on Arata, Mio decides to ignore her own feelings yet again because she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship the three of them have, and instead says she will support Madoka.
Arata Kishimo: Toshiki Seto

Arata is 17 years old and in his second year of high school. He and Mio are childhood friends. When he was young his dad passed away and he now lives separately from his mother. He’s quiet and a bit of a loner who enjoys being alone even in school, but he can be completely open with Mio. They hang out even on their days off.
Madoka: Yui Ogura

Madoka is 17 years old and in her second year of high school. Her best friends are Mio and Arata. She’s a very cheerful and gentle girl. She’s very outgoing and hangs out with Mio a lot. When it comes to Arata, she has more than just friendly feelings for him and she’s jealous of how close he and Mio are.
Orika: Anna Tsuchiya

Orika is a fortune teller that Mio and Arata just happened to visit in Ikebukuro one day. She’s a little suspicious and has the power to see things.
Sachi Miyamasu: Nobuko Sendo

Sachi is Mio’s 43 year old mother. She’s worried about how irresponsible Mio is, but she’s very warm and supportive. She loves musicals and absolutely adores the song “For you" from her favorite show. In the past she had hopes for Mio to become a musical actress, thus enrolling her in ballet and singing lessons.
Gimon: Koichi Yamadera & Ikue Otani

Gimon is a creepy-but-cute alien character that Mio loves. She has both plushies of it and she uses Gimon for her icons everywhere. It has a light green body and big ears like a lop rabbit. Its eyes are only half-open so it looks sleepy but under those eyes it has bright pink fur... it has a very unique look. Gimon serves as a guide in the reflection world, but Mio doesn’t get very much help.
Kiku-chan: Saori Hayami

Kiku-chan is a mysterious girl that Mio meets in the world she wakes up in after the accident. She doesn’t remember who she is or where she’s from, but for some reason she knows Mio and she decides to help Mio find her lost memory.
Mogari: Naoto Takenaka

Mogari is the guardian of the reflection world. He looks human but also like a grim reaper. He appears out of nowhere and makes it more difficult for Mio to stir up the order of the reflection world.
Mori-Obachan: Mari Natsuki

This lady works in a small candy shop that Mio used to visit when she was a child. Mio would always go there when she was upset, and Mori-Obachan would give her candy and cheer her up. Mio meets her again, in the reflection world.
Wasuremonoguchi-Kakairin : Takehiro Kimoto

The staff at the Lost & Found is an old man who’s just around 120cm tall. He wears glasses and always has a stern look on his face. He always asks the customer what they are looking for, but if their answer is wrong, he disappears.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”Shunkan Dramatic" by saji
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yoshinobu Sena
  • Director: Yoshinobu Sena
  • Script: Yoshinobu Sena
  • Character Design: Tomoyuki Abe
  • Animation Director: Tomoyuki Abe / Shinji Katahira
  • Sound Director: Yoshinobu Sena
  • Original Illustrator: Haaon
  • Music: Tatsuhiko Saiki

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