Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review

Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review

A real-time strategy game meets a role-playing game; the result is beautiful!
Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review

  • System: Microsoft Windows (Gameforge), PC(Steam)
  • Publisher: Gameforge
  • Developer: Blueside
  • Release Date: NOv 18, 2019
  • Pricing:$29.99 (Hero Package), $49.99 (Emperor Package), $99.99 (War God Package)
  • Rating: M for Mature
  • Genre: Action, MMORPG, Strategy
  • Players: MMO
  • Official Website:
Specs (PC)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3300 MHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB
Storage: 25 GB available space

Who it Caters to

Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review
The most obvious people that Kingdom Under Fire 2 caters to are fans of the first game. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a direct sequel to the game Kingdom Under Fire: The Circle of Doom, picking up right where that title left off. While the gameplay isn’t exactly the same and new features have been added (which will be explored in more detail later in the review), the feeling of the game, the lore, and the universe remain the same. Fans of the series that are willing to try out some different gameplay elements in addition to what they already know and love are definitely who Kingdom Under Fire 2 caters to the most.

Even if Kingdom Under Fire 2 is your first game in the series, though, that’s okay. Kingdom Under Fire 2 uniquely caters to fans of both MMORPGs and RTS games by merging the two together into one awesome package. Gamers who like either of these genres will find the game easy enough to pick up and learn how to play; fans of both genres will love seeing how they’ve been combined to work together in this title. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is also great for people that love fantasy settings and stories, with lots of magic and fantasy-weapons and lore to get behind, learn about, and appreciate.

What to Expect

Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review
Fans of the Kingdom Under Fire series may flock to buy Kingdom Under Fire 2 based on the name alone, assuming they already know what they’re going to be getting and will like it. But what sets it apart from other games in the Kingdom Under Fire universe, though, is that it’s partially a real-time strategy game. The last time the series released an RTS game was in 2005 with Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. It’s important for gamers who want to purchase Kingdom Under Fire 2 mostly because they enjoyed other games in the series that it won’t necessarily be like the others they have played. It’s going to be arguably more than half RTS, so it’s better to expect that going into it.

Even if you have never played another Kingdom Under Fire title, you can still expect to be able to play Kingdom Under Fire 2. While the game may appeal directly to those who have played other games in the series, it isn’t made exclusively for them. Kingdom Under Fire 2 introduces new players to the series as well and still offers a fun game for them that isn’t confusing. It’s simple enough to pick up and the more you play, the more you will understand its unique gameplay mash-up. Expect to be overwhelmed a little right at the start, and then for things to begin to make sense as you get used to the game. Don’t give up!


Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review
Kingdom Under Fire 2 is set on the continent of Bersia, a land historically devastated by war because of the evil adversary Encablossa. Previously, the struggle was mostly between two factions - the Dark Legion, and the Human Alliance. In the previous game, Circle of Doom, Encablossa brought even more war and destruction in their alternate dimension where they had been banished, which is where the game was set. In Kingdom Under Fire 2, war has returned to this dimension yet again. But instead of just the Human Alliance and the Dark Legion, another group has joined the fray, loyal to Encablossian themselves - the Encablossians.

The Encablossians have been brought to Bersia from the alternate realm by an antagonist called Regnier. Now the continent is yet again lost in total war. It’s up to you to take control of the battlefield and fight to gain control of contested Bersia, and decide it’s fate yet again. Which faction will have the ultimate power in the end?


Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review
Kingdom Under Fire 2 combines two genres of games into one—MMORPG and RTS. This makes its gameplay unique and challenging and sets it apart from other similar games that only stick to one of those two genres. The RPG side of Kingdom Under Fire 2 lets you choose one of five different main hero characters to play as when you begin. These five characters are the Gunslinger, the Spellsword, the Berserker, the Ranger, and the Elementalist. Each character has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and a different style of combat to learn. As you play, you earn experience and level up, completing missions to see the full narrative of Kingdom Under Fire 2.

But that’s not all that Kingdom Under Fire 2 has to offer; that’s only half the package, actually. While you mainly control your hero character, you also have control over your huge army of warriors who follow that hero. It’s up to you to decide where to move them on the battlefield and what to do to control the tide of war in your favour. There’s a lot of tactics involved to be successful in Kingdom Under Fire 2, not just button-mashing or luck. You have to switch to the RTS view to control your troops, adding another gameplay element. No matter how powerful your hero may be, they need to also have a strong army behind them if they want to achieve victory. That’s how Kingdom Under Fire 2 combines real-time strategy games and role-playing games together into one fun game!

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review
Kingdom Under Fire 2 achieved its goal of combining two different kinds of games into one package. The end result is pretty interesting, and is a lot of fun to play right from the start. The characters and creatures are cool, the fights are challenging but not impossible, and the music is fun. There are some issues with balanced gameplay and some parts of the game dragging, but if you can look past those issues, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is entertaining to play. Let’s get into our more detailed pros and cons!

Honey's Pros:

  • Most of the character designs in Kingdom Under Fire 2 are epic, with some really cool ideas for armour and weapons, along with fantasy creatures, monsters, and more.
  • The transition between RPG and RTS gameplay is pretty smooth, and it doesn’t feel like you’re playing two different games that have been smashed together. The merge feels legitimate and intentional (though the RTS side is stronger, which we will explain in the cons)
  • The combat graphics are awesome, and you’ll feel like a total badass regardless of which hero character you choose to play as.
  • All the hero characters are unique in their own way, making it hard to pick which one to play as. But that just makes the replay value of Kingdom Under Fire 2 that much higher when you want to try again as a different hero!
  • Kingdom Under Fire 2 has both single-player and online multiplayer options, catering to a wide number of gamers and what they are looking for.
  • The heavy metal OST is a nice touch, simply put.

Honey's Cons:

  • In a world moving swiftly away from the hyper-sexualisation of female characters in games, Kingdom Under Fire 2, unfortunately, has female characters that are clearly sexualised both in their outfits and body types, and even the way that they move.
  • There’s often just too much dialogue to read and many gamers are likely to find themselves just trying to skip through it unless you really like reading. It feels especially monotonous when you find yourself talking to the same characters over and over again.
  • In line with the above, the MMO side of Kingdom Under Fire 2 falls short of the RTS side. Many quests feel pointless and like they’re just wasting time rather than actually contributing to the story. While the gameplay itself is fine, it’s hard to feel invested in the narrative behind the quests themselves.
  • Getting new armour doesn’t change the physical appearance of your character. It’s a little bit disappointing

Honey's Final Verdict:

Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review
Overall, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a fun game. It looks really cool, has a lot of interesting fantasy lore, and is a unique gameplay experience. It’s strange to think that no one else seems to have thought to combine RTS and MMORPG into one game, but Kingdom Under Fire 2 has done just that. And while the idea still needs a bit of final polishing to be balanced, for one of the first games to do so, Kingdom Under Fire 2 did great. You can enjoy both genres of the game in one, by yourself or online, and sink a lot of hours into achieving ultimate conquest. If you are intrigued by the idea of an RTS/RPG merge, or just like fantasy games in general, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is worth checking out.

Have you played Kingdom Under Fire 2 yet? What did you think? Are you still considering whether to play or not? Did our review help you make a decision one way or the other? Drop us a comment below!

Kingdom-Under-Fire-2-Logo Kingdom Under Fire 2 - PC (Gameforge) Review


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