Kings and Heroes - PC Review

KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review

Flawed but fun old-school gameplay

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC, Mac
  • Publisher: Industry Games
  • Developer: Industry Games
  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2017

Who it Caters to

KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review
Return to the old-school MMORPG roots in Kings and Heroes for the PC. Players will enter a world of fantasy as they create their characters using several races and various classes such as Rogue, Archer and Mage to name a few. There is no one way to play Kings and Heroes as players can enjoy the large world of Sundaria and do whatever they wish. Play alone or with up to seven others as you raid dungeons together and face deadly bosses and enemies. Create your own story in Kings and Heroes!

What to Expect

KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review
Kings and Heroes is a pay once then free to play MMORPG that offers a truly open world to explore and fight in. Unlike most MMOs, Kings and Heroes doesn’t hold the player’s hand and lets them go anywhere they want from the moment they begin. Quests can be taken to gain levels and earn means of getting new gear and equipment for your hero. Kings and Heroes allow you to choose the playstyle you want to have meaning you could work with others or go about the whole game solo. Kings and Heroes fuses old school RPG elements with newer age MMO aspects to create a rather unique title that should please fans of the genre.


KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review
Kings and Heroes drops the player into the world of Sundaria, a world filled with beauty and dangers in equal measure. Here, you can do whatever you wish and there is no consequence other than the risks you may have to take. Explore large dungeons to look for treasures and enemies to fight. Gather allies to accompany you and fight together or go at it alone and claim the bounties for yourself. You are the creator of your own story and it all starts now in Kings and Heroes. Whatever path you decide on is neither wrong or right and that is the freedom of being an adventurer!


KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review
In today’s current gaming age, there are a ton of MMOs to play online and it can be overwhelming to find the title you want to sink your precious time and energy into. Thankfully, we here at Honey’s Anime have plenty of time to devote to gaming but even we have to pick and choose what games we want to play next. Recently, we set our sights on a fantasy MMORPG called Kings and Heroes and were intrigued by some interesting 3rd and 1st person RPG elements that seemed quite engaging. After sinking some time into multiple classes and seeing some of the world offered in Kings and Heroes, we think we have a nice idea of what works in Kings and Heroes and what doesn’t. That’s why we wish to share our knowledge by giving you our thoughts in our review of Kings and Heroes for the PC.Kings and Heroes by Industry Games is an open world MMORPG that offers players a truly unique twist on old school RPG mechanics and new age MMORPG elements. Players create a character by choosing their class, race and customizing their looks as well as rolling die that influences their starting stats. Once you hit complete, unlike most MMOs, Kings and Heroes drops you into the world of Sundaria and provides you no context on what to do or where to go. This concept is both kind of cool and also a bit frustrating as freedom is great but tutorials also are nice, especially in MMO games. Thankfully, it won’t take players too long to learn the ropes and there are various options in the menu that show players what the controls are and how the game works mechanically speaking.

Speaking of gameplay, Kings and Heroes plays well in terms of controls and RPG elements. Each class—of which there are 5—play quite differently but are simple to use and require only a little bit of reading to fully understand. Rogues are fast dagger adept warriors who can use steal and quick attacks with lethal results and Wizards are magic users who can throw various spells at the enemy as long as their cooldowns and MP don’t interfere. Each class feels good to use—we prefer the rogues but Wizards are pretty cool as well—and that is one of Kings and Heroes stronger attributes. Quests and dungeon/open world exploring are where Kings and Heroes begins to fall apart a bit.

Dungeons in Kings and Heroes are quite neat thanks to their ever-randomizing designs and challenging foes. Though like the open world areas, neither are really fun to explore. Just like the regular enemies you face, Kings and Heroes has a generic feel in terms of its exploration and that kind of takes the joy out of really getting immersed in the world. Thankfully, the combat and bosses within Kings and Heroes are quite good and always made going through repetitive dungeons and areas worth it just to reach the tough bosses. Plus, finding treasures and new gear isn’t a bad incentive to dungeon exploring either.

Now, while it’s possible to play all of Kings and Heroes alone, you can always team up with others to join you in dungeons and boss battles. The biggest issue is that players of Kings and Heroes tend to be solo focused and we struggled to find a group willing to run with us. That’s why we relied on hearing from those who have played together and have heard that the experience is fun but also a bit clunky thanks to areas suffering lag and frame rate issues because of all the players fighting together. Even solo lag and frame drops were common but we heard they get worse with teams and that is a shame to hear. However, when multiplayer works well, it can be fun and truly engaging from what others have said.

Graphically, Kings and Heroes looks pretty mediocre and at times, downright bad. The art is impressive in Kings and Heroes but the world itself and even the animations/dungeon designs just look unpolished and outdated. Even on Ultra settings, Kings and Heroes looks like it was made back in 2010 at best and that can be quite a turnoff for some gamers out there. Meanwhile, the music and voice acting aren’t much better but they don’t hinder the gameplay at all. Overall, don’t expect the best looking or sounding game ever but we have seen worse in this genre.

Finally, let us talk about longevity which is a very important factor to any MMORPG out there. Industry Games have told players on Steam that constant updates and quests will be rolled out as time goes by making sure there’s always something new to do and face in Kings and Heroes. This gives us hope that as time goes by Kings and Heroes will be more polished and start to have more dungeons and bosses to face. As of right now, there are 50+ Bosses to face and a few dungeons to go through, which isn’t bad but for those who invest hundreds of hours into MMOs as it is, Kings and Heroes might wear out quickly. That’s why if you do plan on playing Kings and Heroes, we recommend pacing yourself as this way you won’t do everything in one shot and run out of places to go and things to fight.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review
Kings and Heroes isn’t perfect by any means, but there are several things to like. The different classes make combat feel unique for each and the large bosses are challenging but fun to engage in. Plus, with developer Industry Games claiming they will roll out more quests and bosses as time goes by, we feel that there will be even more things to fight and places to go in the future updates. However, Kings and Heroes has some big flaws in the form of weak graphics, a dull world to explore, cliché regular enemies to fight and the utter lack of guidance and or story to keep players invested in this world. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime only recommend Kings and Heroes to those who like old school MMORPGs that are free to play after the initial price of entry and those who can see past the flaws we mentioned. For everyone else, Kings and Heroes might be a title you’ll want to research a bit to see if it will be the right game for you.

Honey's Pros:

  • Fun open world gameplay
  • Nice number of races/classes to choose from
  • No subscription fee to play online
  • Impressive bosses
  • Freedom to play however you want

Honey's Cons:

  • Weak graphics
  • No tutorial means you’ll be quite confused for the first hour or so
  • Regular enemies are pretty generic
  • Terrible frame rate drops and stability issues

Honey's Final Verdict:

KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review
Here at Honey’s Anime, we love fantasy RPGs and MMORPGS in equal measure. That’s why we can be rather picky with what games incorporate those ideas and how they execute them seeing as how there are so many titles that use those themes. Kings and Heroes isn’t by any means a bad game but with some lackluster designs and some weaker gameplay elements we will say we’ve seen way better titles like it. Though if you can see past a lot of the flaws it has, Kings and Heroes still has some fun to be had and won’t break the bank at only $19.99. Though we’d like to ask you folks what are your thoughts on Kings and Heroes if you have played it and or what are the reasons you want to buy it/pass on it. Comment down below to let us know and for more gaming reviews like this one, keep glued to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!
KingsAndHeroes_Logo_BlackBackground-Kings-and-Heroes-capture-500x313 Kings and Heroes - PC Review


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