Knights Chronicle X RWBY - Android Review

Team RWBY lends a hand

Game Info:

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: Netmarble
  • Developer: Netmarble
  • Release Date: May 2, 2018

Who it Caters to

KR-2-Knights-Chronicle-X-RWBY-Capture-243x500 Knights Chronicle X RWBY - Android Review
It’s been about a year since developer/publisher Netmarble released the successful Knights Chronicle to both Android and iOS. Recently though, a new collaborative event has come forth adding a very surprising franchise to Knights Chronicle. RWBY—created by Rooster Teeth—jumps into the RPG with several characters and a cool event for people to enjoy! After having played the most we could out of this newly released event we’d figure to share our thoughts and maybe allow you readers to jump in before the event ends! Scroll on down to see our review of Knights Chronicle X RWBY for yourself!

What to Expect

KR-2-Knights-Chronicle-X-RWBY-Capture-243x500 Knights Chronicle X RWBY - Android Review
Knights Chronicle X RWBY is the newest collaborative event to be released for this wonderful mobile RPG. Players can recruit characters like Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang as well as the beautiful—but deadly—Cinder. During the event, summon rolls have been boosted to feature these female huntresses while an event is in play to allow skilled players a chance to unlock Cinder. Get your crystals ready as you’re going to need your luck boosted if you want these femme fatales for yourself!


KR-2-Knights-Chronicle-X-RWBY-Capture-243x500 Knights Chronicle X RWBY - Android Review
We’re going to not presume that everyone knows what Knights Chronicle is—which is a shame—so we’ll start from the beginning. Knights Chronicle is a mobile based RPG that has players enter the world of Theo who finds himself attempting to go to his village but isn’t welcomed with open arms. After being turned aside, Theo and his newest companion Leona decide to kill all monsters in the world in hopes that one day Theo can go to his village and be seen as a hero. Akin to most games like Knights Chronicle, the bulk of this RPG has you roll for new summons—think of Fate/ Grand Order—fight against various enemies in different stages, gain new skills, unlock new items and evolve your heroes to grow your powers. With that information out of the way we can now focus on the main reason you’re most likely here, how does RWBY fit in this RPG experience? We have that answer in our full review of Knights Chronicle X RWBY for the Android!

Similar to most mobile games, Knights Chronicle is completely free and playing this added content based on the RWBY world also will cost you nothing. Upon booting the game up, the opening screen changes to show the event is ongoing and from there you basically will see some new rewards that players can earn with some grinding and daily log ins. The main element to Knights Chronicle X RWBY is the fact you can unlock the show’s biggest characters and fight off against one of them in a special SP dungeon. Are these characters worth spending time—and possibly money—on getting? Yes and no to give you the short answer.

Working in favor of Knights Chronicle X RWBY is that of the four heroines and one villain, we obtained three of them in our several days of playing and summon rolling. Ruby, Yang and Cinder are the three ladies we obtained with Yang being the easiest to nab as she’s a login bonus day one. When you level these bad *** girls up, you’ll notice their skill sets make them a great addition to any high leveled team. Ruby herself is agile and filled with some punishing moves using her scythe-gun while Yang has a mean counter attack move and hits with some heavy damage. Cinder is a strong foe, too and is the harder one to obtain as you need to beat her SP dungeon and that is recommended for levels 50+. When you do nab her though Cinder adds a mean fire themed move set to your party and can be quite strong in comparison to Knights Chronicle other fire-based heroes.

Where Knights Chronicle X RWBY falls a bit short is the amount of content it has and the high rate of luck needed to obtain these girls. We’ve spent a good couple thousand crystals—some of which were generously provided by Netmarble for our review—and only nabbed Ruby. Expect to pump out some hard-earned time crystal farming or spend some wicked real-world currency to gain these four heroines before the event ends. We also wished there were a few more SP dungeons or events to possibly use as a means of unlocking the RWBY characters. Besides even that, Knights Chronicle X RWBY feels very simple in terms of other collabs which made us a bit sad but we still appreciate Netmarble for even showing love to RWBY in the first place.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

KR-2-Knights-Chronicle-X-RWBY-Capture-243x500 Knights Chronicle X RWBY - Android Review
Knights Chronicle X RWBY is a very simple event that lacks a bit of content but equally is quite enjoyable given its price of admission. We hope we can gain more of the RWBY girls before the event ends—only a few weeks left—but seeing as how Knights Chronicle is already an enjoyable and wickedly addicting game this doesn’t pain us in the slightest. The chance at rolling for more high-level heroes/heroines and playing through the harder SP dungeon for Cinder, makes each failure to obtain the characters we want more of a reason to re-enter the fray. Knights Chronicle X RWBY has succeeded in showing love to RWBY all while not diminishing the greatness that we’ve seen within Knights Chronicle already. That’s why if you haven’t downloaded Knights Chronicle yet or needed some incentive to do so, why not play now while RWBY is here and waiting for you to try and get them all?

Honey's Pros:

  • Seeing team RWBY and Cinder in Knights Chronicle puts a smile on our faces
  • The characters themselves (at least the ones we’ve gained) are strong heroines who truly make the work to nab them worth it
  • Character animations and skills sets are beautiful which in turn keep Knights Chronicle feeling like it was before
  • Free to download and free to enjoy makes it a bit easier to recommend Knights Chronicle X RWBY

Honey's Cons:

  • Could have used a few more SP dungeons featuring RWBY villains
  • The roll chances for RWBY characters will make you sigh as you will need some serious crystals or summon tickets if you want a chance at them

Honey's Final Verdict:

KR-2-Knights-Chronicle-X-RWBY-Capture-243x500 Knights Chronicle X RWBY - Android Review
Knights Chronicle X RWBY is yet another great collaborative event for Netmarble’s awesome mobile title. While we wish there was just a bit more meat to enjoy here, we love trying to gain the full RWBY team due in large part to Knights Chronicle’s already amazing gameplay element. Yes, you might need to grind a bit—or spend money—for the full set of huntresses but with a game like Knights Chronicle the money and time feel worth it. Now let us open the floor to you readers out there. Are you playing Knights Chronicle X RWBY? Let us know in the comments below! For more game reviews and gaming articles, be sure to keep stuck to our beautiful hive here at Honey’s Anime!

KR-2-Knights-Chronicle-X-RWBY-Capture-243x500 Knights Chronicle X RWBY - Android Review


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