Know Thy Fear And Thou Shall Grasp the Value of Life – Meikyuu no Ou (King of the Labyrinth) Vol. 2 [Light Novel]

A Promise to Battle Once More.
  • Mangaka : Bis, Shien and Meguro, Noriko
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Published : January 2021 - Ongoing

Because of an unexpected raid from the House of Riga, Panzel has to leave the minotaur behind despite being one blow away from the minotaurs death. He regretted not killing the minotaur, the king of the Sazardon Labyrinth, but the safety of the House Mercurius and the rest of the kingdom comes first. Since then, the minotaur lives on, sharpening its skills by fighting other monsters and, on some occasions, adventurers who dare to challenge it while waiting for Panzel to finish this battle.

What it doesn’t know is that the human it was waiting for is no longer in this world. Therefore, Zara travels to distant lands to experience and learn the histories behind the world. All to hone his skills as a knight and to take on his father’s legacy to fight the minotaur in his place.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

So you were wondering what happened after the battle between Panzel and the minotaur? Well… there is a lot of political side of things outside the labyrinth. The main villain of this story is the House of Riga, and the main focus of the story is mostly Zara and a bit of the House Mercurius’ history. Yay? But on a serious note, you can expect a lot of world-building, so get out there and fight!

Why You Should Read Meikyuu no Ou (King of the Labyrinth)

1. You’re Only a Human

Unlike Panzel, Zara has never considered exploring the outside world. Zara indeed is a high-level, S-rank Adventurer based on the Guild’s standards, but the problem is that he has not experienced fear, ther real fear of losing his life.

Everything that can be found in the labyrinth, potions, and passive bonuses from weapons and armours does not apply outside the maze. With that restriction Zara will be more aware of his limitations and during his battles.

2. History Is More Profound Than You Think

You would think that this volume is going to be about the minotaur? Well, a bit, but not really. This time we’re going to delve deep into the kingdom and the histories of the House Mercurius and House of Riga. By history, we get to know the reasons behind why Panzal became Julius’ Vassal and the conflict between both noble houses.

The story introduces Zara’s ancestors and his bloodlines through his encounters with people, monsters, and spirits during his journey. Because of his social status, he has to keep his identity hidden from others to avoid unnecessary trouble. It is not just that. Julius had also told him the truth about how the kingdom was first founded. The truth contradicts the public's general knowledge, so if they ever told anyone outside of their noble house, it would end their nobility.

3. Personalities

Zara is by far the strangest adventurer we have ever seen. He is rational, but the way he does things and acts toward others is something else. Yes, he is strong enough to handle poisoned food, but he even listens to his potential enemies before deciding his course of actions, like father, like son. Although he is a bit rusty on his social skill because he is a solo adventurer most of the time in Sazardon Labyrinth, it is nice to see how he develops as a person to be more open toward others while remaining cautious to potential threats.

Why You Should Skip Meikyuu no Ou (King of the Labyrinth)

1. You Might Want to Get a Post-it or Two Ready

We mentioned that many history bombs are coming our way when you get your hands on this volume. That is fine and all, but you might want to get a notepad ready to note down important figures' political systems and names. You may think this is weird coming from us, but trust us, you will need them as you read along, and it would be a lot easier to see the whole picture of the timeline before you type anything about this—your welcome.

Final Thoughts

Meikyuu no Ou (King of the Labyrinth) depicts the kingdom’s history with Zara’s adventure of the outside world as a medium. It is a story of his development as an individual while learning his limitations and knowledge of other skills and strategies. The main character is a bit odd, but he looks at situations objectively and kind to others because of his social standing and keeping his identity a secret to avoid unwanted attention. Most importantly, if you want to have a better idea of politics and conflicts among the nobles, you might want to prepare to take down notes until the end to better grasp the history they unfold. This isn’t about the minotaur we came to root for in the previous volume. This is about how Zara is growing as an adventurer to learn more about the world and himself. If you have read this volume, which part of Zara’s adventure is your favourite?

Meikyu-No-Ou-novel Know Thy Fear And Thou Shall Grasp the Value of Life – Meikyuu no Ou (King of the Labyrinth) Vol. 2 [Light Novel]


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