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Have you ever wondered to yourself if you could take your manga or comics on the go? Or perhaps you live in the big city, as so many seem to, and there’s just no room for your collection of comic books and manga? Or maybe you are just looking for an alternative to paper to save a couple of trees. If you are any of the above type of otaku, well have we got the perfect thing for you. Honey’s Anime is introducing to you the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition! This is the perfect device for all of your otaku bookworm needs without destroying the environment or creating clutter in your own home.

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What’s it All About?

So you may be wondering what exactly is the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition? Well, it is the ultimate eBook reader for the biggest of bookworms and otaku. Sometimes, we bookworms know that while we love books, we just run out of space for them. Or perhaps, carrying around 3 novels isn’t exactly the easiest task with the limited space in our backpacks. That’s when an eBook reader comes in handy and the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition is an upgrade from the previous Kobo eBook reader that you won’t want to miss. It was built with the needs of the book reader in mind.


Let’s dive into the nitty gritty first. The Kobo Aura One Limited Edition features a 7.8” HD Carta E Ink touchscreen that helps to create that paper look that we are all so accustomed to. Who wants to read a book on something as unnatural as an iPad or Kindle Fire? I know I don’t. We all love the look and feel of paper so at least keep the look of paper with this E Ink screen. Of course, with a 7.8” screen, the book is just the right size and you can even increase the text size to suit your eyesight (which we know deteriorates with old age or forcing our eyes to focus too long on any sort of screen or object like a book).

Of course, despite its screen size, the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition only weighs 230 g! And with a reported storage space of 32 GB (4x the size of the original Kobo), you can store up to 28,000 eBooks or 700 volumes of manga or graphic novels in one space! That saves you tons of room! Not to mention you can borrow eBooks from libraries and share with your friends so that you don’t each have to buy the books yourselves. Don’t forget, you don’t even have to store all of your books on your device as your purchases are kept for you online so you can keep alternating books without fear of losing anything.

On top of that, 14 different file formats are supported by the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition which allows you to find your books all over the internet without fear of them being incapabe, although the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition does not read .azw so you may have an issue with Amazon purchases, but it supports the most popular .epub, .mobi, and .pdf among others. 10 different languages are supported on the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition as well so don’t worry about limitations!

We should also mention that you can customize fonts per your preference and connect to the WiFi or use a Micro USB to connect to a computer making transferring books onto your Kobo Aura One Limited Edition very easy. And the best part? The battery will last you weeks, which is perfect for people who do not want to be tied down to a power source when reading or traveling with a book. You can opt to unplug and rough it for the weekend while camping and still keep your Kobo Aura One Limited Edition on you to read and relax.

Also, did we mention the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition is waterproof? Yes, waterproof and not water resistent! This means you can read in the pool, by the pool, or in the bath without worries. It’s almost the perfect eBook reader.

Bedtime Reading

Or maybe it’s just perfect. As an insomniac, reading proves to be a good reprieve from my own mind, but I can’t do that with a device like a smartphone or tablet as the blue light tends to awaken minds making it difficult to fall back asleep. The Kobo Aura One Limited Edition features the ComfortLight Pro which allows the screen to be lit up as per your preference without exposing you to all of the blue light that may awaken you and make falling back to sleep difficult. This is a major plus as people enjoy reading before bed to wind down.

Of course, do not think that the Comfort Light Pro limits you to night time reading. It makes it so that you can read any time of day by adjusting the light to your preferences. No need to worry about glare anymore! Just read your manga and graphic novels no matter where you are and no matter the time of day.


Of course, we couldn’t end this without discussing the possible literature available for the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition. What’s an eBook reader without good eBooks? Well, aside from many novels being available for the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition, there is also a great catalogue of manga and comics available. You have a good score of western comics like Deadpool or Wolverine available, but remember, we’re all about anime and manga here and Honey’s Anime so that’s exactly what we want.

Well, taking a look at their manga catalogue, we can see a lot of popular manga like Dragon Ball Z, Black Butler, and Kakegurui available to read right at your fingertips. Of course, we cannot forget the manga that may not have that popular anime following. Some manga that fall under this category would be Tokyo Tarareba Girls and Ultraman, which are available amongst hundreds of other manga. There are even harlequin comics and yaoi manga available so the Kobo eBookstore does not discriminate!

Final Thoughts

As an otaku with a great love of manga, I want to be able to read more without having to fill my home with my obsession and destroy the rainforest. With an option like the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition available, I am happy to hear that there are other options than having to buy physical manga which can be ruined or lost (or other people do that for you). The Kobo Aura One Limited Edition sounds like a great device and you can be sure that we here at Honey’s Anime are quite glad that the eBook reader world is advancing to allow manga and graphic novels to their screens!

Now, we hope others out there just may consider the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition eBook reader for all their manga reading needs. For the price of $279.99, we think the Kobo Aura One Limited Edition actually lives up to its price tag and is quite competitive amongst other eBook readers with the same features on the market.

Kobo-Aura-One-Limited-Edition-Showcase-Captcha-1 Kobo Aura One Limited Edition Showcase


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