Koei Tecmo Details the Magical Reflector Abilities Featured in Upcoming JRPG, Blue Reflection

What You Need to Know:

  • Koei Tecmo America detailed the exciting Reflector abilities and in-depth battle system featured in the upcoming JRPG, Blue Reflection, slated for release on September 26, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and digitally on Windows PC via Steam. Check out the full details below.

Source: Official Press Release

Gameplay Details

When face-to-face with the Demons, the girls have a roster of magical attacks which they are able to utilize to defeat their foes. As they attack, defend, and use supportive abilities in combat, they will drain Ether, the source of their magical abilities. To accumulate this power they must perform an Ether Charge, which not only sees them gather more power - but also the ability to perform stronger attacks on their opponents. Once enough Ether is charged, the Overdrive ability is unlocked, allowing players to use several skills consecutively in exchange for this magical energy. Strategically using Overdrive is key in battle, as Ether is greatly depleted to allow the Reflectors to perform increasingly impactful attacks - leaving them with no choice but to perform an Ether Charge!

The Demons which inhabit The Common are not the only foes Hinako, Yuzu, and Lime will face, as devastating forces loom closer at every moment; the Sephira, gigantic creatures which harbor overwhelming powers and threaten to end the world. Facing these deadly opponents is impossible alone, and the girls will have to call upon their friends for support. Before battle, players are able to select up to four supporting allies for each of the Reflectors. When they are in a tight spot, and need the support of their allies, the girls can call for help in the form of strong attacks which will greatly damage the Sephira or utilize healing abilities to recover or buff the Reflectors’ powers. Companions not only help when called upon, but they will provide Live Tweets via FreeSpace! to provide the Reflectors with battle advice!

If players accumulate enough Ether in a fight against the Sephira, the Guard ability is upgraded to Reflect. When a Reflector uses this ability they unleash their magical power to create a barrier which even the most overwhelming of creatures cannot penetrate.


Official Trailer

Blue Reflection - Game-play Trailer

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The more I'm introduced to this game the more enticed I get to play it.

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I really love the vibrant colors and cute character designs. Just a couple more weeks!