KonoSuba: Fantastic Gacha Days With Your Waifus!

konosuba_fantastic_days_splash KonoSuba: Fantastic Gacha Days With Your Waifus!

After months of patiently waiting, KonoSuba's new mobile game is available for us in the West. It's a gacha game, so we all know what to expect from it: casual gameplay, beautiful anime cutscenes, events, and lots of sexy waifus!


konosuba_fantastic_days_splash KonoSuba: Fantastic Gacha Days With Your Waifus!

KonoSuba, short for Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, is a multimedia franchise starring a hikikomori who died in a humiliating way and reincarnated in a fantastic RPG-like world. But Kazuma is not alone! He also dragged the goddess Aqua herself, who had received him at the purgatory, and soon he recruits powerful magician Megumin and masochist paladin Darkness. Sadly for him, these girls are not fit for battle and cause more problems than they should!

In the light novels and anime, the main party is formed by Kazuma, Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin, but KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is a whole other story. Since there aren't that many main characters, the game features several secondary characters. That's why oddly enough, Melissa and Iris are two of the best and most wanted units, rendering Aqua and Darkness almost useless if you care for the meta. That being said, Megumin is definitely proficient in battle, so those that have her as the ultimate waifu will be happy to train her while still feeling competent. With a total of 19 playable units at launch, other available characters are Cecily, Yunyun, Wiz, and Dust, for example.

Simple Yet Effective

konosuba_fantastic_days_splash KonoSuba: Fantastic Gacha Days With Your Waifus!

There's nothing new in terms of combat mechanics. You "control" 3 units and activate their skills once they become available, having to defeat 3 waves of enemies before moving to the next stage. Some characters are focused on attacking, and others are better suited for a support role, but they all have 4 skills: a basic attack, 2 attack/support moves, and a Super. Also, all units have at least 1 elemental affinity, and their skills could be either AoE or single-target.

Once you start leveling, you unlock more game modes and mechanics. At level 5, you can assign your main units up to 2 support characters that will improve their stats (bonus % if it's a variant of that same character), and by level 9, you will be able to craft and equip your units a weapon and an accessory. Level 8 is what you need to set 2 characters that will join the party if anyone on your team happens to die mid-combat... but if you're good enough, you won't need them, right? Of course, your goal is to craft the best team possible and make your characters stronger, which you only can do by spending real money or grinding the hell out of this game. Remember, it's a gacha! If you start playing now, you get a 4-star voucher (promotion ends 7 days after starting to play), and the Strong Start event offers better chances at 4-stars Kazuma and Megumin.

There's indirect PvP (you earn points by dealing the highest damage to immortal bosses before the time runs out), there are events, there are sidequests, but to be completely honest with you, nothing really stands out in the vast sea of anime gacha titles. If you're a fan of KonoSuba, though, this is definitely a game you don't want to miss!

Final Thoughts

Is KonoSuba: Fantastic Days going to be fun in the long run? We don't know; it's still too early to talk about meta, endgame, etc. On the other hand, if you like to compete against other users, this is your chance to start playing the game, benefit from some promotional events, and learn the basics without wasting time!

It may not be the best gacha ever, but it's based on KonoSuba, one of the most famous isekai anime, and it comes with fully-voiced cutscenes. The best part? It's free-to-play, and it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

konosuba_fantastic_days_splash KonoSuba: Fantastic Gacha Days With Your Waifus!


Author: Rod Locksley

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