Kotobukiya Exclusive Interview - AnimeJapan 2017

AnimeJapan 2017 is one of Japan’s biggest events pertaining to anime, and Honey’s Anime attended the event to conduct exclusive interviews with major companies.This is just one of the eight interviews that were conducted, which detailed the company’s primary focus and their message to the world.

animejapan2017-interview-kotobukiya-01-560x372 Kotobukiya Exclusive Interview - AnimeJapan 2017

Frame Arms Girl discussion

Both Mr. Sunano and Mr. Chiba described their objective to establish a new relationship with fans, using Frame Arms Girl as the promotional tool. Kotobukiya typically focuses on figures and other major products, but they would like to extend their product line to grab more attention. Frame Arms was originally a popular model kit from which Mr. Shimada decided to create a female version of the popular products. He was inspired to create models which resembled that of Strike Witches, a popular anime which he originally designed. Mr. Shimada created a doujin piece related to girls taking on the form of the Frame Arms, which then caught the attention of Kotobukiya and from there his idea turned into reality. Ever since introducing Frame Arms Girl products, it has generated one of the highest sales for plastic models in Kotobukiya’s history.

Usually Kotobukiya acquires other licenses from other major companies to promote plastic models, such as cars and ships, but Frame Arms Girl is their unique IP so they want to market the product as much as possible. Gou Rai, who is the main heroine of the story, was Mr. Shimada’s original work and it drew a lot of attention from other independent character designers. They eventually followed in Mr. Shimada’s footsteps and all of their character ideas caught the eye of Kotobukiya, and from there the Frame Arms Girl anime was born.

We asked the two what they expect from foreign fans, to which they responded by saying asian markets love the Frame Arms Girl concept, but the North American market’s perception may be entirely different. So their goal is to use Frame Arms Girl, a very simple design compared to other major projects, to grab the attention of the North American and European markets to further establish more credibility on a global scale.

Frame Arms Girl items

Honey’s Message

As huge fans of plastic models and the Frame Arms Girl series, we are so glad that Kotobukiya gave us the opportunity to sit down and discuss their vision. We certainly are very excited for the April release of the series, and wish you all the best on bringing Frame Arms Girl overseas to spread awareness on Japan’s pop culture.

For more details, please check out their website:

animejapan2017-interview-kotobukiya-01-560x372 Kotobukiya Exclusive Interview - AnimeJapan 2017


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