Kotodama Shoujo the Animation -Microphone soul spinners-

Kotodama Shoujo the Animation -Microphone soul spinners-

Music, School

Airing Date:
Winter 2020

Zukun Laboratory

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This is a school that produced stars, "Holy Hierarchy Academy."
The girls on the top hierarchy have a certain drink that is controlled by the strongest girls school on Earth.
That drink is known as 'Hierar Milk', which is produced by the mysterious cow, "Hierar Beef."
This is a God's tier where only the top of the hierarchy can order as a single unit, and from it will make the girls shine, with tons of job requests eventually coming in.

In order to obtain that, victory in the school battles is a must.
The battle this year is the rap battle! which is the hardest self-appeal competition. Here, four students of the lower hierarchy of the school that produced stars encounter each other, and it creates the beginning of the school hierarchy youth story to aim for the top!

Characters & Voice Actors

Raimu Mukouda: Arina Saitou

A 2nd-year student and a member of the Go-Home Club. She had her handmade lunch in the private room in the toilet. She begins aiming to be an idol after receiving single praise from her friends that she is cute. She had become from optimistic to pessimistic. She always fumbles when she got too nervous. She has a lot in mind but is unable to express it.
Sika Yosano: Marina Tanoue

A 1st-year student and a member of the Haiku Club. It seems like she is a descendant of Akiko Yosano. As a descendant, she wanted to achieve success but she is a late-bloomer. She is a sophist while thinking on the words. She is bad at interaction as it sounds argumentative.
Himawari Kawabata: Misaki Shiode

A 3rd-year student, because of the insufficient attendance, it's her 4th year this year. But she has no presence at all. She is pessimistic and walks while wearing odd clothes. Despite being named "Himawari", she wanted to curse her parents. She is unable to talk in front of others due to her local dialect. She is the type that has no opinion.
Villeneuve Chieri: Moe Amano

A 3rd-year student, she is half Japanese and Canadian, and her dream is to become a model. She was once in a popular group but due to certain reasons, she leaves the group and become a lonely runaway goat. She likes to talk about herself and is bad at listening to others. She is the type that is unable to summarize what she wants to say.

Other TitleKotodama Shoujo the Animation
Main Staff
  • Director: Masaya Kakei
  • Script: Toshiya Ouno
  • Character Design: Suzuhito Yamashita
  • Sound Director: Shosuke Asada
  • Music: 1991

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bee-happy1 Kotodama Shoujo the Animation -Microphone soul spinners-
bee-happy1 Kotodama Shoujo the Animation -Microphone soul spinners-
bee-happy1 Kotodama Shoujo the Animation -Microphone soul spinners-
bee-happy1 Kotodama Shoujo the Animation -Microphone soul spinners-

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