Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 Movie Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3: Eureka

Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama, Mecha/Robot

Airing Date:
Fall 2021


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"I have lived alone.
I've been fighting alone.
I didn't understand anything.
I couldn't see anything.
Still, it kept going. I kept struggling.
I met you.
We spoke side by side.
We walked the same path.
We looked up at the same sky.
I held your hand, let go, held it again.
The important things overflowed.
I want to protect you.
No matter how hurt you are.
I want to deliver the future.
In this world that he loved.
The end of the girl.
The beginning of a girl."

Postponement notice:
The official website for the film "Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution" announced that it would be delayed from its planned summer release until fall 2021 due to the impact that Covid-19 has had on the production schedule.

The production committee also asured that the entire staff is working hard so that Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution meets the fans' expectations. In addition, those who have purchased tickets in advance will be able to use them on the new release date.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Renton Thurston: Yuko Sanpei(CV)
Eureka: Kaori Natsuka(CV)

Other TitleEureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3
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