Kuromukuro Announces Sequel

What You Need to Know:

  • Today, P.A. Works announced that Kuromukuro will be getting a sequel. It is titled "Kuromukuro Byousoku 29man km no Bourei" (Kuromukuro: The Spirit of 29000 Kilometers per Second).
  • The sequel however, will not be an anime, but rather it will be a novel. Furthermore, it will be distributed their P.A. Works online bookstore label "P.A. Books". This is the second work to have debuted under the P.A. Books label. P.A. Books further announced that a chapter will be released biweekly on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • The story will tell what happens after Yukina and Sohpie go into space after the events of the anime. The writer is Ryou Higaki (Kuromukuro Series Composition), Story supervision will be handled by the director of the series Tensai Okamura, while cover illustrations will be handled by Yuriko Ishii who worked on character designs for the anime. Catch the cover of the first book below.

Source: P.A. Books Official Website

Kuromukuro-cd Kuromukuro Announces Sequel
Soooooo this basically means that hopes of a second season are dead, aren't they?
Kuromukuro-cd Kuromukuro Announces Sequel
Yup. This makes all chance of there being another season next to zero.