Kuromukuro - Anime Spring 2016

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Kuromukuro-dvd-20160814213150-300x439 Kuromukuro - Anime Spring 2016

Kuromukuro-dvd-20160814213150-300x439 Kuromukuro - Anime Spring 2016


Action, Mecha

Airing Date:
April 7 2016

P.A Works

Honey’s Highlights

Kuromukuro-dvd-20160814213150-300x439 Kuromukuro - Anime Spring 2016
So wait, we have to wait till fall 2016 for Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season, but this automatically gets two cours?? This is nothing more than a more modernish Aldonah.zero or Evangelion!
Kuromukuro-dvd-20160814213150-300x439 Kuromukuro - Anime Spring 2016
This show is fun! What are you even talking about Bee-kun?? Action and Mecha!
Kuromukuro-dvd-20160814213150-300x439 Kuromukuro - Anime Spring 2016
Don’t forget there is some romance too! Definitely something is in the wings after Yukina met Kennosuke and he ‘needs’ her to help him pilot the mecha!
Kuromukuro-dvd-20160814213150-300x439 Kuromukuro - Anime Spring 2016
No, Mo-chan, there is no romance here. Pure action. The reason he needs her is like with Outlaw Star and the whole setup of the girl.

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This is the International Union Kurobe Research Facility, which was established to research Artefacts, remains which were discovered by chance during the construction of a dam.

At Tachiyama International High School, one student is the son of the researcher who brings together the leaders of every country in the world, and another is Yukina Tokisada, the daughter of the head researcher.

Summer, 2016.

A lone samurai awakens for the second time.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma

Voice Actor: Youhei Azakami

A man whose real identity is unknown, and speaks like a samurai. It seems that for some reason he knows Yukina’s face from somewhere.

Yukina Shirahane

Voice Actor: M.A.O (Mao Ichimichi)

A second year at Tachiyama International High School. Unlike her extremely hectic mother, a head researcher, she has a pretty laidback personality. Slightly obsessed with geography, she talks about river terraces with a triumphant expression.

Sophie Noel

Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

An exchange student from France. Believes in samurai and despite her small frame is a Judo fighter. She’s a genius when it comes to piloting robots, and is a test pilot at the research facility.

Mika Ogino

Voice Actor: Asami Seto

Yukina’s childhood friend and classmate. A self-proclaimed ‘late bloomer’. Her hobby is cosplaying characters.

Ryouto Akagi

Voice Actor: Kaito Ishikawa

Yukina’s classmate. His father is the maintenance department head at the research facility.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Distopia by GLAY
    Chouonsoku Destiny by GLAY
  • Ending Song: Realistic by MICHI
    Eien Loop by Ami Wajima

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Snow Grouse
  • Director: Tensai Okamura
  • Series Composition: Ryou Higaki
  • Character Design: Yuriko Ishii
  • Animation Director: Yuriko Ishii
  • Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
  • Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi

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