Latest Nintendo Downloads [05/20/2017]

Nintendo-logo Latest Nintendo Downloads [05/20/2017]

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  • It’s time to get fired up as we take a look at the latest available downloads from Nintendo!
  • First up on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS is Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - On a continent that was torn asunder by warring gods, guide two armies through brutal tactical battles, as this reimagined RPG epic invades the West for the first time. Uncover the intertwining stories of Alm and Celica, engage foes, fend off dragons and explore 3D dungeons. Your prowess will grow as you master this melding of modern and legacy Fire Emblem gameplay. The Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia game is available May 19.
  • Next up is the DLC content for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia which includes a season pass for $44.99 and provides 22 pieces of content that includes all 5 DLC packs as they release. By purchasing the Season Pass, fans who want to receive all DLC will save more than 30 percent compared to purchasing all 22 pieces of content individually.
  • More DLC content! DLC Pack #1 – Fledgling Warriors Pack - ($7.99, three pieces of content): Ideal for early- to mid-game adventurers, this pack includes a new dungeon (The Astral Temple) and two new maps, great for gaining more items, in-game currency and experience points.
    The remaining four DLC packs will be released in the coming weeks. For a full schedule, click here!
  • Nintendo-logo Latest Nintendo Downloads [05/20/2017]
    Nintendo-logo Latest Nintendo Downloads [05/20/2017]

    Nintendo eShop - Nintendo Switch

  • On the Nintendo Switch we have the Disgaea 5 Demo which is available for you to try out before the May 23rd, and gives you a chance to test out the first few stages of the game!
  • Nintendo eShop - Virtual Console on Wii U

  • Lastly we have Blazing Lasers, a game in which players control the extraordinary firepower of their Gunhed Star Fighter in this classic TurboGrafx-16 shooter. Collect power-ups to increase your ship’s battle strength so it can cut through enemies and defeat the bosses in all nine action-filled areas. Of course, as part of the “Soldier” series, the game contains a good combination of fast-paced speed with catchy, drum-propelled background music.

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