Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

Dokyusei-1-700x394 Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

Is it just us or have a lot of visual novels been remastered lately? Robotics; Notes just had an elite version made—which makes the VN look more akin to a moving anime—and Chaos; Head will be getting a remaster as well! Seems like adult visual novels don’t wish to be left hanging and that brings us to a remake of a 1992 popular adult visual novel in Japan called Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer. While we don’t know much about the original—not all of us here at Honey’s Anime were that old to appreciate VNs of any form yet—we can honestly say Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer had our curiosity from the synopsis.

Playing as a young man who is trying to really—and we mean really—enjoy his fleeting summer months before graduation is now ready to win the hearts of ladies and he’s willing to do some outlandish things to get that dream of his. Players will be surprised that for a VN, Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer has some intriguing gameplay elements that make this VN a bit different than your run-of-the-mill titles. Want to know more about Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer? Of course, you do, and below you can hear our thoughts on babes, romance, and the ecchi greatness of Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

Love is Jump Button Away

Dokyusei-1-700x394 Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

Visual novels can be a real-time sink for many who aren’t avid readers. Having to scour through text and making the right choices to get your “perfect” girl can challenge even the most patient gamers. Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer does something we’ve only seen in some visual novels of the modern age and that is an easy “flag jump” feature. From the click of the in-game menu button, players can see all of the lovely girls in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer—more on that in a second—and see how to best woo their gentle hearts.

What’s great is that rather than having to wait for every event to occur or having to scour the retro-game mini map to find the location, you can just hit the event of your choice and ensure you get closer to your dream girl. Honestly, for some who really hate having to try everything to get a girl in a VN and/or having to spend hours reloading save files to find an ideal route, Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer saves you the hassle and makes sure you get where you want to go with who as fast as possible!

Not Enough Girls In Your VN? We Have You Covered Here!

Dokyusei-1-700x394 Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

Okay, raise your hand if you’ve played a dating sim or VN that just lacks a bevy of great women to fall in love with? Sadly, it happens in many VNs where you end up only really loving one or two of the main girls and not caring if the rest leave the game forever. Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer seems to know what guys want in a dating sim/VN and has not just a few girls to choose from but a party load! There are nearly 15 girls to choose from and the choices range from the runner girl Misa Tanaka to the already has a boyfriend but can’t be wooed away from him Natsuko Masaki to the teacher with huge oppai Yoshiko Serizawa. We just named a few girls but honestly, we’ve struggled with which girl’s route we want to see in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer and are still trying to see them all! Plus with the adult DLC pack added, you get to see these girls in ways we can’t just say since we do have some younger readers out there.

What Is That and What Does That Do?

Dokyusei-1-700x394 Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

There are a lot and we mean a lot of menu options and buttons to click in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer. Maybe a bit too much if we’re being honest. There are at least several menu buttons, different buttons to change the level of text speech, and even more buttons that we honestly rarely ever used. Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer gives players the freedom to make sure their dating sim/VN playthrough is as simple as humanly possible but it can be a bit overwhelming at first and might seem like too much was implemented for no reason. Maybe this is the older VN fans in us speaking but a few buttons goes a long way developers.

What Are Your Intentions Hmmm?

Dokyusei-1-700x394 Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

The stories in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer are pretty overly simple and most are pretty predictable. That being said, this is an adult VN/dating sim so here’s the main question you need to pose to yourself before diving into Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer. What are your main goals and aspirations for this game? Are you here for ecchi/adult scenes or here for a loving romance tale that will have you in tears by the end? Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer we think is made to kind of cater to both audiences as some of the stories can be a bit drama-filled but ultimately this is meant to be more adult orientated than story focused. Go into Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer not expecting an “If My Heart Had Wings” experience—which is a phenomenal VN—but a more simple story of a guy just trying to get some girls before his school life comes to an end.

Final Thoughts

Dokyusei-1-700x394 Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!

Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer is a pretty solid adult-orientated VN/dating sim that has some elements we hope are seen in more games like it. The ability to jump between scenes is a welcome one and while the menus can be a bit extreme at times, we really enjoyed our time with Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer and will remember it for some time to come. We can see why this was so popular in 1992 and hope we see more from this series in the future!

Have you begun to play Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer? Who is your favorite girl and why!? Let us know via the comments below and for more VN reviews be sure to keep stuck to our summer-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Dokyusei-1-700x394 Let Love Heat Up in Dokyusei: Bangin’ Summer!


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