Let’s Talk About The Future of Oshi no Ko!

What a season of Oshi no Ko! We saw it all: death, attempted suicide, feigned love, revenge, and a revealing look into the idol lifestyle. The array of different elements was overwhelming. And the ending, where B-Komachi finally got their time to shine, resonated on so many levels.

Oshi no Ko was arguably one of our favorite anime of spring 2023. While we could ramble on about what the show did right, we have a more enticing treat for you. After the season finale of Oshi no Ko, our minds started pondering about what could make the second season even better, and we believe we've come up with some compelling ideas. But be warned, there are spoilers ahead for Oshi no Ko, so proceed at your own risk!

The Antagonist Needs to Take Center Stage

Here's something that many of you, the anime-only fans of Oshi no Ko, probably don't know: there is a central antagonist in the series. While we won't spoil their name or gender, their appearance makes the story significantly darker. Season 2 needs to introduce this villain as soon as possible because they present Aqua with some of his greatest challenges and equally contribute to the development of Ai's story and the characters surrounding her.

More Ruby Please

Aqua was the central character of Oshi no Ko's first season, with the focus shifting to other characters only occasionally to depict their struggles in the dark world of being a famous idol. Ruby, Aqua’s sister and a fellow reincarnated soul, had her moments on screen (especially near the finale), but we observed that she wasn't as pivotal as Aqua in his pursuit of Ai’s killer. We were given several insights into her desire to be an idol and her motivation to pursue this career despite the potential dangers it entailed. However, it wasn’t enough. We need more of Ruby in season 2, and we're confident we're not alone in this sentiment!

Even More B-Komachi!

Despite B-Komachi being revived early on by Ruby, the group didn’t really get much spotlight in the first season. They only performed two songs in the finale, with previous episodes merely discussing their formation. Season 2 definitely needs more of these talented idols because their music was incredibly solid and they were truly adorable together. Seeing Ruby, Mem-Cho, and Kana together was a real delight. So, we're emphatically requesting more B-Komachi in the next season, please and thank you!

Possible Revelation…Well Revealed?

This next suggestion might be a bit of a stretch, and we doubt it will happen in Season 2, but part of us wouldn't mind seeing Ruby and Aqua uncover their past connection. Will it happen? Probably not, but we wouldn't object to them learning about their shared history and seeing how that revelation alters their relationship moving forward.

Final Thoughts

The first season of Oshi no Ko is a testament to how anime can seamlessly blend the real world with a fictional one in ways we could never have anticipated. Filled with mature themes, intriguing characters, and a truly engaging story, Oshi no Ko struck us right in the heart and lingered there.

We are eagerly awaiting Season 2 and can only imagine that it will surpass the first, which excites us tremendously. New characters, a new threat, and more revelations are set to propel Season 2 to potentially greater heights, and that's precisely why we need a release date soon!

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