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Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Bishop Games
  • Developer: Bishop Games
  • Release Date: March, 2018

Who it Caters to

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Who it Caters to (Use LF #1)
Are you someone who loves to think of how best to solve a situation in a platforming game? Do you wish a game offered you a level of freedom unseen from most titles in the adventure/action genre? Light Fall by developer Bishop Games gives that experience to the gamer in their recent creation. Light Fall tests players by giving them freedom to solve platforming puzzles and challenges via special powers within the game. Light Fall mixes momentum and quick thinking that already shows promise for what could be an epic gaming title.

What to Expect

LF-1-Light-Fall-Beta-PC-PreviewSEO-Title-Light-Fall-Beta-Capture-560x315 Light Fall Beta - PC Preview
Light Fall is a fast and frenetic action/adventure/platformer that will test the player’s abilities to react in a multitude of ways. Players will guide a young boy who has a strange ability to make boxes appear from nowhere. Using these box-like objects you will need to solve how to tackle various challenges and make it to the end of each area alive. Light Fall will also tell an engrossing story of a world that is facing a crisis of unknown origins. Do you like games similar to Super Meat Boy or N++ Ultimate Edition but wish they had a focus on story rather than just platforming? Then you’ll like Light Fall and you can expect what looks to be an amazing journey.


LF-1-Light-Fall-Beta-PC-PreviewSEO-Title-Light-Fall-Beta-Capture-560x315 Light Fall Beta - PC Preview
Light Fall has players entering the strange world of Numbra. Here within these beautiful but deadly lands, a strange boy has awoken with no memories of his past. Guided by an elder, the boy will have to go on an adventure to learn what happened to his memories and what is happening to Numbra and those who live in this world. Use the epic power of the Shadow Core to create boxes beneath your feet or in the air to jump, dodge and solve various challenges that will surely appear before you. Numbra is a beautiful land where darkness thrives but be warned young one, this land is full of hazards all around…


LF-1-Light-Fall-Beta-PC-PreviewSEO-Title-Light-Fall-Beta-Capture-560x315 Light Fall Beta - PC Preview
Light Fall by developer Bishop Games at first glance didn’t wow us here at Honey’s Anime. While Light Fall has some beautiful music and an impressive art design the adventure/action/platforming design, it didn’t seem much different than games like N++, Celeste or even Super Meat Boy. However, after playing our beta build of Light Fall, our thoughts changed quite drastically. Is Light Fall something incredible hidden behind a rather commonly used gameplay theme? Let us find out in our preview of Light Fall!

Here at Honey’s Anime, we went into Light Fall knowing very little about it. Ironically enough, even when playing Light Fall you aren’t given a full grasp of what’s going on either. You play as a young boy that has awoken in a strange land with no memories of his name or why he’s here. However, that doesn’t stop an elderly being from taking interest in you and thinking you might have what it takes to save this strange twilight world of Numbra. From here forth, your journey begins and boy if the preview told us anything, Light Fall is a journey that we will love when the game fully releases.

The idea of Light Fall is simple. Control the young boy and jump over various hazards and solve simple platforming feats. That is true at least for the first ten minutes of Light Fall. Once Light Fall introduces the power your young character has, things change quite dramatically. Light Fall is all about using a box power called the Shadow Core and the idea is what makes Light Fall quite different than games before it.

The Shadow Core allows players to create up to 4 boxes underneath them when they jump and can even uses boxes as gears to turn dials and make boats move. Light Fall’s Shadow Core mechanic gives players the freedom of movement that many other platformer-like games haven’t done before in the past. You will need to master the Shadow Core quickly though as once Light Fall gets to be about 20 or 30 minutes in, it becomes quite tough. Be prepared to react to quickly to avoid falling or being hit by various flying obstacles as Light Fall doesn’t hold your hand at first but equally is quick to throw you into the fire even faster.

The preview of Light Fall lets us see two chapters of this what we believe to be 4 or 5-chapter game. We had to survive various challenges—which we won’t spoil obviously—that tested our gaming prowess something fierce. We died a lot during some puzzles but never did we think it was Light Fall being too cruel or not working well. Light Fall’s handling with jumps, running and using the Shadow Core is excellent—especially with a controller—and thus, when we did die, we knew it was our faults here at Honey’s Anime HQ. There are a decent number of checkpoints too, so dying won’t anger you too much. Though some areas we felt could have used a bit more checkpoints as death meant a solid minute or two of retrying a puzzle from the beginning over and over again.

Graphically and sound wise, Light Fall is very solid. We loved the narrator—the elder we mentioned earlier—and equally couldn’t help but turn up the music when it began to accelerate. The music is definitely one of the better elements to Light Fall as its soothing during down time and fierce when jumps and platforming are more aggressive. The world of Light Fall also looks stunning with a nice mixture of hues that lean on the twilight focused side to capture the land of Numbra. Light Fall reminded us a lot of LIMBO but with a lot more color to avoid being just black and white. Overall, we loved the designs and aesthetic of Light Fall and we know we won’t be alone in that thought.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

LF-1-Light-Fall-Beta-PC-PreviewSEO-Title-Light-Fall-Beta-Capture-560x315 Light Fall Beta - PC Preview
Light Fall might not do much different than other adventure/platforming games like it but what it does do correct is that it’s a ton of fun. We loved trying the speed of manipulating boxes all while making jumps to avoid deaths. Even after dying dozens of times in the same area we never once felt like Light Fall was poor in design but instead knew we needed to get better. Light Fall challenges the players to think, well outside the box in order to solve sometimes tough sequences where time is of the essence. We can’t wait to share our thoughts on the full release of Light Fall as we think this might be one of the most enjoyable adventure/platformers we’ve played in a long while here at Honey’s Anime.

Honey's Pros:

  • Simple but beautiful art
  • Wonderful narration and soundtrack
  • Unique platformer gameplay
  • Solid controls for pinpoint accuracy
  • Has a potential to tell a beautiful story

Honey's Cons:

  • Becomes very challenging very fast
  • Maybe a few more check points here and there

Honey's Final Verdict:

LF-1-Light-Fall-Beta-PC-PreviewSEO-Title-Light-Fall-Beta-Capture-560x315 Light Fall Beta - PC Preview
Often, we don’t see a beta or preview and think a game is instantly going to be amazing. We try to keep ourselves from getting overhyped as some games when they full release just end up shabby or kind of weak. Light Fall however is a game we are extremely excited for given that the beta we previewed was extremely promising. Will Light Fall’s full release be worth all the hype we have for it? Only time will tell, but we will try our best to get a review of Light Fall out to you if we get the opportunity to do so. Are you excited for Light Fall? Tel us down below in the comments and for all your gaming news, previews and review needs be sure to get stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

LF-1-Light-Fall-Beta-PC-PreviewSEO-Title-Light-Fall-Beta-Capture-560x315 Light Fall Beta - PC Preview


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