Light Novel Social Community "Honeyfeed" is Coming Soon!!

banner-announce-honeyfeed700x200-700x200 Light Novel Social Community "Honeyfeed" is Coming Soon!!

That unique idea you get when thinking about “what will happen next” after watching your favorite anime, what could you call that?
Yes, exactly. It is your Light Novel!
The desperate yearning that comes when you feel you don't have any more anime you long to watch, what is that?
It's your thirst for the art, right?
Don't despair over your situation. Now, it's your turn to create it, share with people and hype up the industry!

Fellow anime lovers, we at Honey's Anime noticed, through the voices gathered here, that you anime enthusiasts keep searching for the best place to submit, post and share your original anime story.

The experience you've gained through watching anime and your passion toward it, evolve and mix inside your brain, melting into one and forming a story which only you can tell. Your Light Novel.
Honeyfeed is the social community especially made for anime-loving story-tellers and people who thirst for anime-like creations.
You can post your own light novel in Honeyfeed, get feedback from readers, and improve your story telling techniques.
Honey's Anime will fully support Honeyfeed by introducing the highest quality works posted in Honeyfeed in Honey's Anime!

This way, your works will have a chance to be read by millions of people. Sounds fantastic, right?
Okay, it's time to tell you what will happen next on Honeyfeed.

Honeyfeed will be entering its closed beta test phase soon.

We'll be inviting those who noticed the banner on the site and have already registered for pre-signups.
Inviting small group by small group. Please be patient until you receive notification from us by email.
We need to hear from you first and do some fine tuning to your LN before revealing it to the public.

Anime lovers interested in using Honeyfeed, either as a writer or a reader, please register by clicking the button below. We'll be inviting you once we're well prepared to accept you.

Please change your email settings to be able to receive emails from admin[at] if you are not sure about your spam settings.

We'll let you know once Honeyfeed moves into beta test phase, we promise!