LIGHT TRACER to Bring Magical Puzzle Platform Play to PlayStation VR in September

What You Need to Know:

  • Oasis Games Ltd announced a few days ago that their upcoming PSVR puzzle platformer title, Light Tracer, will launch in the West this September. Players will lead a princess to the top of an enigmatic, Babel-like tower to save her ailing people, using godlike powers and a Light Staff to guide the princess while manipulating objects to create a safe path for her.
  • The Princess’s journey comprises eight varied chapters ranging from ice to gravity puzzles to mechanical contraptions, and each level ends with a challenging boss fight requiring strategy as well as quick reflexes. Players will guide the Princess through action-platform stages with jumping, timing and enemies—but they must also engage with mind-bending puzzles in each level. Often the solution depends not only on your intellect, but also in the way you look at things!
  • For a detailed breakdown of the story along with its great features, be sure to scroll down below!

Source: Official Press Release

Key Details

Light Tracer combines platform-style movement and clever puzzles with unique play mechanics and delightful artwork. In the game, the player controls a mysterious godlike entity who can wield a magical Light Staff in one hand while using its other hand to interact with the game world, helping the Princess reach the safety of the tower’s pinnacle. The Light Staff guides the Princess forward while the player manipulates the world to get a better view, interacts with object triggers and moves items to turn barriers into bridges. As the player progresses, the entity’s hidden relationship with the princess is gradually revealed.

Key Features

A New Kind of VR Puzzle Platformer

Guide the Princess through platform-style challenges with jumps, enemies and precise timing requirements while manipulating the world and solving clever puzzles that depend on your point of view—literally!

The Powers of a God

Wield your powerful Light Staff in one hand while interacting with the world with the other to open a path upward.

Enchanting Graphics

A compelling, almost toy-like world comes to life as you ascend the giant tower and interact with the Princess.

Eight Unique Worlds

From Gravity World to Ice World to Mechanica World, each chapter offers new puzzles and challenges.

A View to a Thrill

Grab and spin the tower for fresh perspectives that may unveil the answer to the riddles in front of you.

Battle with Bosses

Each chapter ends with a unique boss fight where you must use both strategy and quick reflexes to overcome opponents like a rock giant or a sinister snowman.

Official Trailer

LIGHT TRACER – Game Announce Trailer | PS VR

honeys anime character
Light Tracer looks really cool and I'm always a fan of platformers! The added puzzle element may make things interesting!

honeys anime character
I still need to grab my VR device to try this out.