Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review

A mobile gaming revolution

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: Netmarble
  • Developer: Netmarble
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2017

Who it Caters to

LR-1-Lineage-2-Revolution-capture-560x315 Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review
Fans and newcomers of the world known as Aden get ready. Lineage 2: Revolution aims to immerse you in an action heavy MMORPG title playable on Android and iOS phones! Sink your time into hundreds of quests and missions alone or with others as you defeat countless of enemies with elegant moves and various weapons. With impressive levels of detail and streamlined mobile gaming, Lineage 2: Revolution works perfectly on cellular devices. If you love MMORPGs but can’t find time to always boot up your PC and wish you had a title that could be played anywhere with a cellular reception, then you’re going to love Lineage 2: Revolution.

What to Expect

LR-1-Lineage-2-Revolution-capture-560x315 Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review
Lineage 2: Revolution takes the massive online world of the Lineage series and brings it into the portable landscape. Choose from one of several races and classes and embark on quests in the World of Aden. Players can expect simple controls where everything can be done via the touchscreen of their mobile device thus making Lineage 2: Revolution an easy title to pick up and play anytime and anywhere. Fight alone or with others online as you embark on hundreds of main missions and sidequests to gain levels and new equipment which in turn powers your character. Those who love mobile gaming but wish for a great MMO title will really come to love Lineage 2: Revolution.


LR-1-Lineage-2-Revolution-capture-560x315 Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review
In the World of Aden, the Elmoreden Empire fell and caused chaos to roll across the land. Various territories ended up going to war as they struggled to gain their own freedoms. Meanwhile in Aden, a powerful sorcerer named Beleth wielder of powerful dark magic, began to grow in power and created the Dark Society. Every territory feared the Dark Society and anticipated the land being overrun by Beleth’s magic. Though one man named Hardin stood tall against the sorcerer and in time, he too fell to Beleth’s power. Now, a gathering of new heroes under the banner of the Silverlight Mercenaries has begun to grow and you are soon to become one of these warriors and use your power to save the land from a destined dark age.


LR-1-Lineage-2-Revolution-capture-560x315 Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review
In the last decade, mobile gaming has been increasing in popularity every passing year. Various game companies have been taking PC orientated genres—like MMORPGs for example—and have been making them suitable to various mobile devices such as phone and/or tablets. Having played a few hundred titles like this here at Honey’s Anime, we have seen some impressive attempts at making MMOs work on the mobile landscape but most just fall short. That’s why when we heard about developer Netmarble taking Lineage 2—a very popular MMORPG title from the PC world—and making a title specifically for mobile gaming we had our concerns but were also quite excited to play it nonetheless. That’s why we proudly present to you fine readers out there on the internet our review of Lineage 2: Revolution.Lineage 2: Revolution takes Lineage franchise and lore and makes a new title for mobile devices. Upon starting up Lineage 2: Revolution for the first-time, players are dropped into a war where they learn the basics of the game and how to play. After the tutorial—which is awesome by the way—finishes the game starts up truly. Players make their characters from one of 4 races such as Humans, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf, then choose one of 3 main classes warrior, rogue and mage. Players will need to study each of the 3 classes as they all have various class specific weapons and moves. As the player levels up and does class specific quests, you can earn new moves and even class changes to further progress your character.

In typical MMORPG fashion, Lineage 2: Revolution is all about leveling up and getting gear/loot. At first, players will be locked into doing story specific missions but once they do enough of them, they will be able to take on side quests and various other missions. What’s interesting about Lineage 2: Revolution is that you can even press on the main mission icon on the left side of the screen and let the game take care of the controls and your movement to the quest itself. It’s great for those who might be busy for one moment and need to put their phone down but still want the missions to be done. However, we advise not relying on this as it makes Lineage 2: Revolution incredibly easy. Thankfully, as we mentioned this is a completely optional concept and you can always move around with the on-screen controller and do everything manually.

Combat in Lineage 2: Revolution seems incredibly simple but once you begin to fight tougher enemies and bosses, it becomes incredibly fun. Not only does it look stylish—there’s nothing better than feeling like an anime character as you swing dual swords around—but plays really well. Potions and skills are all easy to access as well making combat perfect for any screen you’re playing on. Even the menu and gear can be easily accessed and you can choose an auto equip system so you don’t need to constantly find the best gear and instead, let the system equip it for you. Lineage 2: Revolution was truly made with the mindset that mobile gamers need simple to play games sometimes and other times, want to be taking control of all the action.

Next, we need to talk about the most important thing in Lineage 2: Revolution, the actual MMO concepts. Players can join up with strangers and friends to tackle missions together and or tough enemies rather easily. You could choose to go about everything solo but there’s a lot of fun to be had with teaming up with three others—making groups of up to 4 players in total—for questing and monster slaying. There’s a lot more players can do in the form of making guilds/clans and even face off against other clans in epic Fortress Siege battles. Needless to say, for those who need their MMO fix, Lineage 2: Revolution provides quite a nice variety of events to take on. We here at Honey’s Anime only anticipate that even more missions/quests/events will open up in the future and that means there’s a possible long life for Lineage 2: Revolution, which is an important aspect to any MMORPG regardless of the platform it’s on.

Graphically, most mobile games can look good but aren’t that great if you compare to a PC or console title. However, once again, Lineage 2: Revolution surprises us here at Honey’s Anime with some impressive visuals and gorgeous animation. Spells look fantastic, characters/monster have a ton of detail and even the environments are vibrant and full of life. Add to all of this an impressive OST and great voice acting and Lineage 2: Revolution just becomes more immersive than some PC games we’ve played like it.

Honestly, let us end our review with some minor gripes but we swear these are minor. The UI—or user interface—can be sometimes overpopulated on smaller mobile screens, which means tablet users will be fine but if you’re rocking any small phones you’re going to get a bit annoyed. We also noticed quite a bit of frame rate drops when the action on screen got too heavy. These didn’t ruin battles or cause us much headache as we played Lineage 2: Revolution but they can sometimes be a bit annoying. Though ultimately all of these problems in Lineage 2: Revolution are minor gripes and really don’t cause the game to suffer in anyway.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

LR-1-Lineage-2-Revolution-capture-560x315 Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review
There have been a lot of failed attempts at making MMOs work on the mobile platform but Lineage 2: Revolution hits all the right notes and makes for one of the best we’ve ever played here at Honey’s Anime. Beautiful graphics, simple but fun gameplay and hundreds of hours of enjoyment are just a few of the things one could look forward to when they decide to download Lineage 2: Revolution. Even our minor complaints in the form of inconsistent frame rates and overly simplified RPG elements aren’t enough to stop us from fully recommending Lineage 2: Revolution to those who love mobile gaming and MMOs. Not only is Lineage 2: Revolution completely free to play and download, but we never felt the need to have to use real life currency for anything other than the Diamonds that can be used in-game to buy bundles and various other goodies. Lineage 2: Revolution truly is a revolution for mobile MMO titles and should be a testament of how great they can be.

Honey's Pros:

  • Amazing graphics for a mobile title
  • Simple but fun combat
  • Easy to play auto quest system
  • Hundreds of quests and tons of bosses
  • Great voice acting and music
  • Impressive story
  • Free to play

Honey's Cons:

  • Frame rates tend to drop if the screen is overpopulated
  • Auto quest makes the game too simple so we recommend not using it
  • Minor issues with UI taking up too much space on the screen, especially smaller phones

Honey's Final Verdict:

LR-1-Lineage-2-Revolution-capture-560x315 Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review
Here at Honey’s Anime HQ, we tend not to gush too much over mobile titles. Most tend to be pay to win games and or boring attempts at making MMO work on the mobile landscape. However, Lineage 2: Revolution hits all the right notes as a MMORPG title and we can’t stress enough how much fun we had playing it. If you’ve been looking for a mobile game to spend your free time on then you absolutely need to download Lineage 2: Revolution as soon as you can! Though we are curious, what other MMORPGs are fun to play on Android or iPhone? Comment down below to let us know and for more gaming reviews and news keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!
LR-1-Lineage-2-Revolution-capture-560x315 Lineage 2: Revolution - Android Review


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