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Mecha, Music

Airing Date:
Spring 2020


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Humankind is under threat of mysterious beings called "Miminashi".
"Players" are people with abilities that are able to plug in to the "Equipment" in order to fight against the Miminashi.
Echo is a boy who lives in a scrap town called "Liverchester" and holds a burning admiration for Players ever since witnessing a legendary Player, Jimmy, in a devastating battle between Players and the Miminashi ten years ago.
One day, when Echo is excavating trash, he meets Myu, a girl with amnesia. Myu is also a PLayer with an input jack hole on her waist.
The two children go on a journey together to solve the mysteries of Myu's origin and Jimmy, a mysterious yet important figure."

Characters & Voice Actors

Echo Wreck: Ayumu Murase

A boy who lives with his older sister at the town of scrap called "Liverchester". Ever since witnessing the legendary Player called "Jimmy Stonefree" at the Miminashi Elimination Tactics "Project Freedom Festival" 10 years ago, he admires Prayers, and he creates AMP, the tool to the mechanical equipment to fight Miminashi, for himself. He has a timid personality, but he has a strong passion toward the equipment. One day, he meets Myu, a girl with amnesia.
Rie Takahashi: Rie Takahashi

A girl who has lost her memories. She seems to be a Player because she has a hole (input jack) to plug in AMP on her waist, but she is a mysterious being that isn't listed. She has an aggressive personality, and a rare "Tube". She involves Echo in her journey to discover her identity.
Nir : Rie Kugimiya

A student at the Player education school "Freak Scene Academy". She learns about Jimmy and admires him when she has been persecuted by others for being a Player. She is shy and has a self-destructive personality, but begins to show the change by meeting Echo.
Roz: Kana Hanazawa

The survivor of the "Norm" tribe that was gotten eliminated by "Fes" 10 years ago, and a person who calls Miminashi family. He has a calm and cynical personality due to losing his family during childhood. He believes that Miminashi are his family, rejects the others who persecute Miminashi, and lives in a town by himself where it is shut out by "the Wall". He knew about Jimmy before attending "Fes".
Denka: Junichi Suwabe

The ruler of "Paisley Park-the Kingdom of Violet-" and the Prayer with the secondary name of "Prince of Horror". He lives in the "Galaxy Palace" in the sky and only few people know his face. He has learned that his tactics failed due to lack of love by meeting Jimmy 10 years ago at "Project Freedom Festival", and since then, he calls for "rebellion by love".

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Into the blue’s" by ACCAMER
  • Ending Song: "Song of LISTENERS" by :side Goodbye
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: 1st PLACE・スロウカーブ・Story Riders
  • Director: Hiroaki Ando
  • Series Composition: Dai Sato
  • Character Design: pomodorosa
  • Animation Director: Zenou Tanioka
  • Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi
  • Music: L!th!um

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Honey’s Highlights

bee-music Learn More About LISTENERS With Honey's Three Episode Impressions!
You know how much I love music, so I'm expecting a lot from LISTENERS!
bee-music Learn More About LISTENERS With Honey's Three Episode Impressions!
After watching the PV, I really love those backgrounds. Nice art-style.
bee-music Learn More About LISTENERS With Honey's Three Episode Impressions!
Well, let's hope the plot is good too, otherwise it will be soon forgotten, just like any other show based on easter eggs alone.
bee-music Learn More About LISTENERS With Honey's Three Episode Impressions!
Well, you're right about that, Mo-chan. The synopsis does sound a little bit generic, to be honest...

Three Episode Impressions

LISTENERS is not a bad show, especially considering it looks really good and it also has a cool soundtrack. However, it tries so hard to feel different, without realizing it's nothing but a generic mecha anime full of gimmicks.

For any audiophile or music lover, finding all these references is fun enough, but like we just mentioned, it's nothing but a gimmick since this is nothing unique to the show or relevant at all. In fact, some of these references are cringey lines in English (lyrics to a song or band/album names) that feel so out of place. Other than that, the whole story and characters are too generic to pick your interest: we have a dreamy boy who built a mecha but can't pilot it, and a beautiful amnesiac girl who happens to be a great pilot and the key to a mystery involving all of the boy's dreams. Oh, and both of them join forces after a chance encounter in the least expected place. For what it's worth, LISTENERS is an OK-ish anime, but that's it.