Live Impact Attack On Titan Stage Play Reveals More Actors!

What You Need to Know:

  • Last week, we revealed the actors portaying Eren, Mikasa, and Armin in the upcoming live stage play Live Impact Attack on Titan. Now this week, they have revealed even more characters!
  • According to their official twitter, they have over 150 cast members participating in the series overall, but the big names are what we really want to know! Playing Levi will be Yuya Endou (Prince of Tennis Live Stages), Reo Honda (Prince of Tennis Live Stages) will play Jen Kirschstein, Ryouta Hirono will play Connie Springs, Mio Imada will be playing Sasha Braus, Hidekazu Nagae (GANTZ Movie 2011) will be playing Commander Pixis, and Shuuhei Izumi (Noragami Live Stage) will be playing Erwin Smith.
  • There are also additional cast members listed on the site, but their roles have not been revealed! Be sure to stay here with us as we bring this news to you in the coming months. The stage play will run from July 28th to Septermber 3rd for a total of 55 performances.

Source: Official Website

honeys anime character
Oooooo Nice! There are some big names on here.

honeys anime character
I'll say! I would not be surprised if more big name actors and actresses appear in the stage play. Shingeki no Kyojin is an unstoppable force!

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