Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review

localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review

Relationships are always fun when you find someone who shares the same passions as you.

Game Info

  • System: Steam
  • Publisher: Frontwing USA
  • Developer: Frontwing
  • Release Date: October 26, 2018

Who it Caters to

localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review
Visual novels come in a variety of flavors these days, and that’s certainly a good thing for fans of the genre. Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate is another entertaining title by Frontwing, the same folks who brought you Island, the sci-fi adventure that really captivated a lot of fans. Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate takes an entirely different direction from the popular sci-fi anime and places its attention on a young romantic story, which focuses on the life of Aoi Ichitaro and his huge crush on coworker Kojika Hiwa. The two of them are constantly showing hints of their lust for each other at work, and eventually Hiwa decides to invite Ichitaro over to her place! Just what type of activities will these two participate in? Keep on reading to know more!

What to Expect

localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review
As a disclaimer, Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate is rated M for mature and does feature sexually explicit content, which is censored in the base game... but you can download the patch by clicking here (https://jastusa.com/locallove-my-cute-roommate-patch-for-steam).

Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate, as stated before, is a romantic drama about two young individuals who have a strong attraction towards each other, and over time develop a warm and loving relationship. The art design was made by Nanaca Mai, the same artist behind Corona Blossom and Grisaia, so expect to be rewarded with a beautiful presentation. The story itself was written by famed Japanese writer Hozumi Kei, who’s known for his passionate romantic love stories. So now that you know what to look forward to, let’s dive more into the story to give you an overview of just how compelling and charming this visual novel is.


localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review
Aoi Ichitaro has had a pretty rough time as of late, as he’s been evicted from his apartment and left with very little in his possession. All of this misfortune leaves him in dire straits until a young and attractive girl at the shop he works at, Kojika Hiwa, unexpectedly invites him over to her house to stay. This blessing in disguise ultimately leads the young and lustful pair into a world full of passion and desire, where they both confess their feelings towards each other. Ichitaro wants to live together with Hiwa forever but in order to do so, there’s just one thing that he needs to do...


localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review
Like we just said, Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate was illustrated by famed artist Nanaca Mai. The overall presentation is truly stunning, from the strong color palette to the overall UI, and it doesn’t disappoint in the detail category. Attention to detail, even during the more sexually explicit scenes, is truly amazing and a testament to Nanaca Mai’s talent and ability to convey emotions simply through design.

Sound, Music

The music and sounds in Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate serve as more of a placeholder than anything, providing the game with a nice audible experience that ties in well with the dialogue. Everything feels more cheerful and youthful, which complements the story in many ways, since both main characters along with other members of the cast are still in school. While some may look at this and think “wow, they’re so young and are having sex!”, emotions run wild throughout high school and it’s only natural that humans express themselves, especially at that age of discovery. Voice acting is superb and really help to bring out the personality in Hiwa, who’s generally very perky and upbeat, while Ichitaro’s friends are quite colorful, which only add to the youthful charm that this game provides.


localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review
It’s always weird to mention gameplay when talking about a visual novel, since most of your time is spent reading the dialogue and in the odd moments, choosing a decision to embark on an alternate path. Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate isn’t all about making choices but rather placing you in the mind of Ichitaro, who simply just wants to enjoy a pure and sweet romance with his lover Hiwa. Throughout the experience, you start to feel that nostalgia in a way, bringing you back to those innocent high school years where emotions were flowing and your awkwardness was considered charming and cute, rather than weird. Ichitaro and Hiwa work together at a small cafe and over time the two eventually open up to one another, and express their love in a variety of ways.

It’s so cute when Hiwa dresses up for Ichitaro just to show how much she loves him but more so, just how comfortable she has become with him being around her. Their love escalated quite quickly, which might come off as a bit strange to some, but given that this is a visual novel and anything is possible, it felt natural. Hiwa was sort of aloof herself, which was funny because at times, she’d throw Ichitaro curve balls with her constant shifting of emotions. One minute she’d be showering him with compliments and then the other moment she’ll give him the sinister glare, which only escalates Ichitaro’s awkward confusion.

localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review
Once they do start to warm up to each other, you really start to see this very motherly side of Hiwa, who takes care of Ichitaro like a king and nurtures him every time there’s an opportunity. She cooks for him and looks after whatever it is he needs, which is a true sign of a keeper, even going as far as making sure he looks spiffy before leaving to school. The sex scenes at first felt a bit rushed since it really only took a few scenes before the two started getting their freak on, but once the story developed and their passion continued to soar, the scenes actually felt more natural and were entertaining to experience. Relationships are truly a genuine thing and getting to experience it with two young souls was a fun and satisfying ordeal. Hiwa’s cute face and enormous oppai were a welcoming treat, and the overall flow of the story was both funny and dramatic, which really helped to create a nice harmony between both characters.

localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review
Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate is a must-have for any visual novel fan who enjoys a simple, pure, and genuine romantic tale about two young lovers learning to build a strong relationship over time. It teaches us the values of really building a strong foundation of trust with our partners and also learning about the strengths and weaknesses of their personality. Relationships are never an easy thing to develop, but with enough patience, trust, and love, you can accomplish anything just like Hiwa and Ichitaro.

Honey's Pros:

  • Just your typical pure and sweet romantic story about two young lovers expressing their feelings towards each other.
  • Art style is fantastic!
  • Sound and music are truly well developed and add to the emotional ambience.

Honey's Cons:

  • Story felt a little slow at times.

Honey's Final Verdict:

We hope that you found our review of Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate to be a fulfilling read, and that it gives you enough information to determine whether you’ll pick it up or not. We for sure will say it’s a must buy for fans of the genre, but more so for its truly beautiful artistic presentation. You can also change the language settings so that you can have English subtitles with Japanese text or vice versa, which is great for those wanting to learn the language! Be sure to check out our other visual novel reviews and share them on social media if you enjoy them!

As always, for all things sweet, with news straight from Japan, be sure to keep it locked here on Honey’s Anime.

localove01_visual-500x353 Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate - PC/Steam Review


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