Long Riders! - Anime Fall 2016

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Long-Riders-Key-Visual-3-20160811215423-300x425 Long Riders! - Anime Fall 2016

Long-Riders-Key-Visual-3-20160811215423-300x425 Long Riders! - Anime Fall 2016

Long Riders!


Airing Date:
October 8 2016


Honey’s Highlights

Long-Riders-Key-Visual-3-20160811215423-300x425 Long Riders! - Anime Fall 2016
This looks like every other sports anime. I mean really. Is this Yowamushi Pedal with girls? I think I’m gunna pass on this one.
Long-Riders-Key-Visual-3-20160811215423-300x425 Long Riders! - Anime Fall 2016
This is WAY better than Yowapeda or Prince of Stride Alternative. You know why? Girls. Cute Girls. Cute Girls on bikes. Cute girls on bikes sweating profusely.
Long-Riders-Key-Visual-3-20160811215423-300x425 Long Riders! - Anime Fall 2016
I’m surprised you know how to even use that word Bee-kun. This legit looks like Bakuon!! but on bikes instead of Motorcycles.
Long-Riders-Key-Visual-3-20160811215423-300x425 Long Riders! - Anime Fall 2016
No need to hate on it Bombon and Honey-chan. Legendary Seiyuu like Hiromi Igarashi and Nao Touyama are in this!

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Ami Kurata is terrible at any form of sports. One day though, she sees a collapsible bike outside of a station and falls in love with it immediately. In a moment of cuteness, and without trying it out, she rushes to the bank and immediately drains her entire savings account. Where does she head next, but naturally to a bike shop! However… she doesn’t like to exercise! How is this now her fate? Check her out brimming to the top with charm along with this light and leisurely biking show!

Three Episode Impression

The love of biking has been brought back into anime form in Long Riders, an anime that focuses on a girl who discovers what it truly means to love riding. The style of Long Riders is very similar to Bakuon where an all female cast gather together to discuss their favorite hobby. We start off with our enthusiastic newbie, Ami, who falls in love with the idea of riding upon seeing her first folding bike. She doesn’t know much about riding, but she throws herself full force into the world of riding regardless. Who else does this sound like? It sounds like Yui from K-On! Yes, the anime has a similar style and follows along the lines of most slice of life anime. If you’re looking for a slice of life anime with an all girl group like K-On!, Bakuon, or even New Game, Long Riders may be the anime for you!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Ami Kurata

Voice Actor: Nao Touyama

Ami really doesn’t have any standout features about herself, other than that she is a regular college student who hates exercising. She rides around town on a collapsible bike that she fell in love with at first sight.

Aoi Niigaki

Voice Actor: Hiromi Igarashi

Aoi is Ami’s childhood friend and as such, she is her best friend and concerned about her deeply. She is beautiful, has good style, and excellent reflexes. According to Ami, she rides bicycles a lot.

Hinako Saijou

Voice Actor: Rumi Ookubo

Hinako is the token flat chested character. Hinako’s family runs a Chinese restaurant so on days when she cannot bike, she is working at the restaurant. Her uniform is a Chinese dress. Apparently, she also gets paid to cosplay as a bunny girl by her mother…. She loves western food with her favorite being cream based pasta dishes.

Yayoi Ichinose

Voice Actor: Yurika Kurosawa

Yayoi is a third year student who loves cheese and yogurt. She is proficient at riding road bikes, mountain bikes, and small wheeled bikes. Currently though, she is riding a road bike as her everyday transportation.

Saki Takamiya

Voice Actor: Youko Hikasa

Saki is a third year college student. She’s the token glutton and loves ramen. In fact, she has been blacklisted at the nearby all-you-can-eat restaurant because she has eaten so much. She also can ride multiple bikes. For example: Road, Mountain, and Cross bikes.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ♡km/h by Ray
  • Ending Song: Happy Ice Cream bt Team Fortuna

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Taishi Miyake
  • Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara
  • Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi
  • Character Design: Tokiemon Futsuzawa
  • Animation Director: Tokiemon Futsuzawa
  • Sound Director: Hitoro Mirishita

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