Looking For BL Manhwa? Let's Search Across the Milky Way!

The life of an average fujoshi can be really hard; finding that story that will make a heart flutter and race is not that easy, after all. But we’re here for you, and we traveled Across the Milky Way to tell you what this story is about.

Just a little disclaimer before we start: this manhwa has nothing to do with space…

Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

There’s nothing Eunha wants more in this life than to make new friends and enjoy his life as a university student. Although he tries his best, being popular is not for him, not because he lacks charm but because his face is a little… scary. It’s not his fault that his eyes look menacing and people mistake that for a death glare!

To make things even worse, Eunha is constantly reminded of his lack of popularity by his obnoxious twin brother, Eunsang, a playboy with a long list of friends and lovers. Eunha tries to ignore his brother as much as he can, but that proves to be a difficult task since they share a room. Determined not to let Eunsang’s words get the best of him, Eunha decides to start fresh in university. Easier said than done, right? Whenever he tries to approach any of his classmates, they all run away thinking that Enuha is some kind of delinquent. When will people see that Eunha is actually a nice, shy boy?

Enter Love Interest… Enter Trouble

Making friends isn’t Eunha’s only goal. He wants to find love and go on dates like any other guy. Not only will this be hard for Eunha because of his menacing looks, but there is one bigger “problem,” if you will: he’s gay. Ever since he was little, Eunha knew he liked men, but he’s been very careful not to let his parents know.
On his first day in university, Eunha finds his ideal man: tall, athletic and charming, Yeoreum is everything Eunha has ever dreamed of. Now the problem is how to get close to him! Every day, Eunha tries to talk to him but Yeoreum coldly ignores him. One day, however, Yeoreum snaps and asks Eunha why he’s pretending to be someone else. Is it possible that Yeoreum is mistaking Eunha for his twin brother, Eunsang?! Eunha is torn between telling Yeoreum the truth or pretending to be his brother just to get closer to the man of his dreams. Things will only get worse when Eunsang finds out about his brother’s plan…

A Path to Find Out the Truth

How is it possible that Yeoreum knows Eunsang? While he tries to pretend to be his brother, Eunha needs to find a way to learn more about the past that these two seem to share. Asking Eunsang directly is a no-no, especially when Eunha knows his brother will use any information against him. He also risks exposing his secret, something that would probably end up in his parents kicking him out of the house.

They may look the same on the outside, but Eunha and Eunsang are polar opposites; Yeoreum finding out the truth doesn’t seem very far fetched. That’s why Eunha starts paying more attention to the way his brother dresses, talks, and even walks. He has to be convincing! When things start going smoothly for him, Eunsang finds out that Eunha is impersonating him and he confronts his twin brother. Luckily, Eunsang is not that bothered by this situation and tells Eunha to have fun with Yeoreum. However, Eunsang warns Eunha that he shouldn’t pretend to be him for long or he’ll trigger some memories from the past that would probably mess with Yeoreum’s brain. Wait a second, what is that supposed to mean??

Final Thoughts

While Across the Milky Way seems to be a regular BL story, we have yet to discover about Yeoreum and Eunsang’s past. To be honest, we hope that Eunha finds the courage to come clean because all of the lies just make the story a bit painful to read.

Another thing we would like to know is if Eunsang and Eunha will somehow find a way to get along. We’ll have to stick around and see!

across-the-milky-way Looking For BL Manhwa? Let's Search Across the Milky Way!

Author: Yaz L.

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