Looks Don’t Matter When You Don’t Have the Right Personalities – Kyou, Koshiba Aoi ni Aetera (Chasing After Aoi Koishiba) Vol.1 [Manga]

Who Are These Side-Characters?
  • Mangaka : Takeoka, Hazuki (Story) and Fly (Art)
  • Publisher : Kodansha Comics
  • Genre : Drama, School, Shoujo Ai, Shounen
  • Published : April 2021 - Ongoing

Sahoko is one of the popular girls in high school and had many friends. She tends to be the center of attention at reunions as the people from her past try to catch up with her. But there is one person she wants to reconnect with, Aoi Koshiba, her classmate and first love. Aoi Koshiba’s talent in basketball made it easy for her to socialise with pretty much anyone in the school. The two girls lives take a new turn when the share unexpected kiss.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

This story depicts the joyful experience between high school students, which later turned into regrets during their adulthood. The reasons? Well, that is where we have to find out by reading this series. The character designs and personalities they possessed makes them memorable and sometimes interesting in their own right for a school setting. It also shows how life can be unexpected and how individuals see one another with everything they have in their lives.

Why You Should Read Kyou, Koshiba Aoi ni Aetera (Chasing After Aoi Koishiba)

1. The Dark Side of Having Good Looks

Sahoko may be popular or lovely on the outside, but that isn’t who she is if you’re close to her or able to see who she is. She is the kind of person who judges a person by their looks instead of getting to know them personally. That is why she forces herself to focus on her facial features and creates a fake persona to blend into society. She has to learn that looks aren’t everything even if you have those good looks yourself. You never know who would be your significant other. Wink. Wink.

2. Memorable High School Experience

We know that high school for many people is the golden age of their youth. The same can be said for the characters in this story. We meet the people and get exposed to different ideas that shape us into who we are as adults. The members of the Home EC club including Aoi and Sahoko share this experience as the diverse member expose each other to different ideas and cultural norms.

3. Side Characters

We know that the main characters are important in this series, but we can’t help but find the side characters interesting. The way they concoct a plan to persuade Sahoko in joining the Home EC club. Their thoughts and interactions with her bring out unexpected sides of her and others. Sometimes it can be dramatic and funny, and other times can be serious.

Why You Should Skip Kyou, Koshiba Aoi ni Aetera (Chasing After Aoi Koishiba)

1. Odd First Impression

The first meeting between Aoi and Sahoko didn’t go as smoothly as Sahoko had planned. She frankly came across as a real weirdo. The oddness continues in her effort to apologized using the school PA system which only made her seem a little stalker-y. We know that some of you don’t find the comedy in that kind of obsessive behavior so be warned.

Final Thoughts

Kyou, Koshiba Aoi ni Aetera (Chasing After Aoi Koishiba) is a yuri manga about a popular girl, who is hides her trueself from others and a tomboy who has garnered the respect of many in the student body. It depicts the complicated relationship and how difficult it can be to express your feelings to a person of properly and how much regret one carries during adulthood. The side characters felt like they are on par with the main characters as they are fun to hang out with.

Other than these, the story has a bit of a stalking element where Sahoko goes out of her way to locate and meet Aoi, which can be creepy to some of you. If you are interested in reading a yuri manga focused on the tale of two oppsites trying to find where they fit in each others lives this might be a manga for you.

kyo-Koshiba-Mamoru-Ni-Aetara-manga-Wallpaper-696x500 Looks Don’t Matter When You Don’t Have the Right Personalities – Kyou, Koshiba Aoi ni Aetera (Chasing After Aoi Koishiba) Vol.1 [Manga]


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