Lostorage incited Wixoss - Anime Fall 2016

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Lostorage-incited-Wixoss-dvd-300x426 Lostorage incited Wixoss - Anime Fall 2016

Lostorage-incited-Wixoss-dvd-300x426 Lostorage incited Wixoss - Anime Fall 2016

Lostorage incited Wixoss

Game, Psychological

Airing Date:
October 8 2016

J.C. Staff

Honey’s Highlights

Lostorage-incited-Wixoss-dvd-300x426 Lostorage incited Wixoss - Anime Fall 2016
Wixoss is coming back again! I loved the first two seasons, Selector Infected and Selector Spread. The movie, Selector Destructed WIXOSS, was great too! But what is this.... memories are the price.... Oh, this is dark.
Lostorage-incited-Wixoss-dvd-300x426 Lostorage incited Wixoss - Anime Fall 2016
Well this is like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to an extent. It presents itself as something cute and fun with young girls, but in reality, not all is as it seems.
Lostorage-incited-Wixoss-dvd-300x426 Lostorage incited Wixoss - Anime Fall 2016
Oh, kind of like Shinsekai Yori where they find out something that they clearly were not planning. You also have the game scenario that is similar to C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.
Lostorage-incited-Wixoss-dvd-300x426 Lostorage incited Wixoss - Anime Fall 2016
It is good to note that fans of the staff will not be let down. The director may have changed, but for the most part, the original staff have returned!

Promotional Videos / PV


This will be a brand new series following Selector Infected Wixoss that aired in Spring of 2014!

Ikebukuro - having lived in this city as a child, Suzuko Homura returns in her second year of high school. With her she keeps a precious memory - of swearing to Chinatsu Morikawa, a girl she got on well with when she was little, that they’d always be friends. Now, she might be able to meet Chinatsu once again… Just thinking about it makes Suzuko’s heart race.

Unable to fit in right away at the school she transferred to, she quickly feels out of place. That is until one day, she buys a Wixoss deck set at a card shop on her way home, thinking that if she learns how to play, she might be able to make friends. When she gets home and unseals the pack, a girl drawn in the middle of a card starts to move, opening her mouth to speak.

“Welcome, Selector.”

People chosen to be Selectors must participate in a battle wherein they stake 5 coins, in which all of their memories are stored. If they win back all of the coins, they are able to escape the game. If they lose all the coins, however, and are defeated, they must face a certain penalty…

What awaits Suzuko, who has been dragged into this absurd game known as Lostorage? What too of Chinatsu who, at the same time as Suzuko, lays her hands on a particular item...

Three Episode Impression

The alternate story of WIXOSS, Lostorage Incited, can go only one of two ways: interesting or a total disaster. If you go into Lostorage Incited fresh, the story might seem a bit slow paced, but intriguing enough to give it a couple of more episodes. The story promises drama and to slowly have you descend into the darkness of its plot, which is nice, but not as thrilling as the original series. If you have yet to see the original saga, but are watching this new spin off; please, continue, but only turn back to the original series once Lostorage Incited has finished. If you saw Selector Infected Wixoss and came into the new version hoping to relive the thrill of the Wixoss world, you will be disappointed. Lostorage Incited is certainly not related to its origin, and it could be enjoyable if not compared to it, but if you like anime that are grim and that very slowly tangle you in their complex story, then this might be what you're looking for.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Suzuko Homura

Voice Actor: Chinami Hashimoto

Suzuko is a second year high school student. When she was in her early years of elementary school, she lived with her father in Ikebukuro, but after that, due to his various transfers, she began moving from place to place with him all around Japan. This spring she has finally returned to Ikebukuro. Because she was always transferring to her next school as soon as she became accustomed to her current one, Suzuko has gotten in the habit of bottling herself up and keeping an eye on other. She does not have any friends that she can call her best friend. Suzuko did have one best friend in the past named Chinatsu who she can clearly recall and she relies heavily on her memories of her.

Chinatsu Morikawa

Voice Actor: Yuka Iguchi

Chinatsu has been an honors student ever since she was a small child, and she is also fantastic at sports. For an unknown reason, she gets along well with the rather quiet Suzuko and the two of them used to play together often. Chinatsu used to always be proud of the way that Suzuko expressed her yearnings. She previously used to live in a detached house in Ikebukuro, but the company that her father worked for as an executive went into insolvency and suddenly her life did an about face. Currently, Chinatsu’s father worked for a new company and lives in an old apartment with her family. She currently is attending a Private Prep School that she is paying for with the money that she makes from her part time job.

Hanna Mikage

Voice Actor: Yurika Kubo

Hanna is a first year student. She is one grade below Suzuko in the school that Suzuko transferred into. While Hanna is a student, she also has a job as a freelance writer for games. She has an abundance of experience when it comes to card games, and she is skilled in battle. Hanna has a genuine interest in Selector battle arrangement and in order to gain a full understanding of everything, she is currently researching various topics.


Voice Actor: Shizuka Itou

Riru is Suzuko’s LRIG and has a red attribute. The origin of her name comes from the mascot that Suzuko received from Chinatsu. She is a formed reflection of the largest memory that Suzuko has, which is her memories of Chinatsu. Intellectual and calm, Riru doles out precise advice to Suzuko leading her in battle.


Voice Actor: Hisako Kanemoto

Meru is Chinatsu’s LRIG and has a green attribute. Meru’s name originates from the pair mascots that Suzuko and Chinatsu have. Her personality is that of what Chinatsu remembers Suzuko as. Meru is easy going and calm, but she can be a bit hard to read. She can have a bit of an erratic way of speaking and sometimes her warlike side peeks through as well.


Voice Actor: Shiori Izawa

Nanashi is Hanna’s LRIG and has a black attribute. Hanna considered names to be a pain in the neck, so she just took one that she liked. Hanna uses her quick wit to battle, and so in the heat of battle, Nanashi is Hanna’s pawn, following her orders. She speaks politely but sometimes she can lightly joke as well.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Lostorage by Yuka Iguchi
  • Ending Song: undeleteable by Cyua

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: LRIG
  • Director: Katsushi Sakurabi
  • Series Composition: Michihiro Tsuchiya
  • Character Design: Takamitsu Satou
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Original Illustrator: Sara Chiyomi, Hitoto
  • Music: Maiko Iuchi

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