Love Is an Illusion… But These Extras Are Not!

It’s always sad to see that one of our favorite stories is coming to an end; we start wondering how we’re gonna fill that empty space in our hearts. While the answer to that question is “with more yaoi, duh!”, sometimes we don’t have to look for replacements right away. There are kind authors who decide to treat us with some extra chapters, to help ease the pain that they’ll put us through when they finish—once and for all—their stories. Who's ready for another dose of one of the best omegaverse manga??

It Takes Some Time to Get Used to Love

Hye-sung is under the impression that he’s an alpha, so he acts accordingly, believing that he’s better than everyone else and being self-entitled. However, everything takes a turn when Hye-sung discovers that he’s actually an omega in the worst possible way: his heat takes him by surprise at a party full of alphas. They quickly notice there’s a sweet smell coming from one of the guests, but it’s Dojin the alpha that finds him. Dojin hates omegas because he thinks they’re only after money and good social status, but he can’t help being attracted to Hye-sung because of his pheromones.

Hye-sung would’ve wanted to never see Dojin again, but since he’s pregnant, he decides to stick around until the baby is born to try and take as much money as he can from Dojin. Although these two have a rough start, it doesn’t take long for Hye-sung to stop being such a tsundere and admit that he might have feelings for Dojin. With that revelation comes the realization that he enjoys riding Dojin’s dick. In these extras, we get to see Hye-sung being penetrated, finally admitting that he likes it!

The Second Couple Is Also Important

We like seeing Dojin and Hye-sung being all lovey-dovey and enjoying their time together under the sheets, but there’s more to Love Is an Illusion than just them. Fargo, the author, perfectly knows what we all want, so they decided to pair Dojin’s brother with Heesoo, one of Dojin’s friends. In the beginning, a relationship between an alpha (Dojun) and a beta (Heesoo) seemed doomed, because… well, it never works out for them, does it? But these two manage to overcome lots of hardships together and end up being an official couple.

Warning! Not everything is happiness and smiles when it comes to this pair, and the extras sure give us a fair amount of angst and feels. From time to time, an alpha can also experience rut, and of course, the only way to calm down is to have sex with an omega, but what happens when Dojun gets home and the one there waiting for him is a beta? Heesoo’s body is not prepared to take care of an alpha's heat, but he tries his best to help Dojun let out some steam. Of course, the next morning, Dojun wakes up and sees Heesoo bleeding, feeling extremely guilty. It’s heartbreaking!

We Can’t Have Enough of Byul

One of the reasons to love omegaverse manga is that there’s a high chance that we’ll get to see babies. Not only do we get a baby in Love Is an Illusion, but Byul has to be one of the most adorable toddlers to ever appear in a manga! We get to see him grow a bit during the main story, although it’s mostly about his parents figuring out how to raise a child while coming to terms with how they feel about each other.

These extras feel like a Christmas gift! Byul is still a small, precious child, but he starts to try things on his own. Be it learning how to stand up or attempting his first steps, Byul is the most adorable thing. He still can’t tell his dad Dojin and his uncle Dojun apart, but we’re sure he’ll eventually be able to do that. We need another spin-off with Byul as the main character! And we need it now!!

Final Thoughts

There’s no secret as to why Love Is an Illusion is, by far, one of the most popular omegaverse stories: it has two adorable couples and a baby that we all want to squeeze. With the new extras, Fargo gives us cute moments and some hot, very steamy sex scenes to balance things out. If you're looking for a good omegaverse manga and Love Is an Illusion is still new for you, do yourself a favor and start reading it ASAP!

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