Love Kome -WE LOVE RICE- - Spring 2017

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Love Kome -WE LOVE RICE-

Comedy, Slice of Life, Idol

Airing Date:
April 5 2017

Other Seasons:

Encourage Films

Honey’s Highlights

bee-disgust Love Kome -WE LOVE RICE- - Spring 2017
Wait, so this is an anime about boys which are based on different kinds of rice? And they're some kind of idols? Count me out...
bee-disgust Love Kome -WE LOVE RICE- - Spring 2017
Oh shush, Bee-kun. You've got your moe machine girls in Strike Witches and your idol girls in Love Live!, now it's time for the rice bishounen to shine...
bee-disgust Love Kome -WE LOVE RICE- - Spring 2017
I don't know if I'm hungry for rice or the rice boys, all I can say is COUNT ME IN! It's also got some newer seiyuu in, which should give it that fresh feeling!
bee-disgust Love Kome -WE LOVE RICE- - Spring 2017
From the PV, they almost look like magical boys! Oh I hope it's a cute short with actual plot like Hetalia or Starry☆Sky!

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Love Kome is an anime personifying rice.

Set in Kokuritsu Inahou Academy, it’s a laughter and passion filled, heartful comedy, where 5 handsome personifications of rice help everyone to rediscover the wonders of rice, through the brilliance of a live show (rice planting) called ‘Harvest Show’.

Three Episode Impression

Love Kome: We Love Rice is a 5-minute-long short anime. The first time I watched this anime, it reminds me of Yakitate!! Japan, but instead of bread in said anime, Love Kome: We Love Rice is about Rice. Obviously from its title. The plot is somewhat similar to Yakitate!! Japan too, as it sets on an academy.

It’s fairly interesting to watch this series, despite having a slow start but I mean, it is only a 5-minute-long miniseries. But in all honesty, this anime does really have potential. I hope the producers decide to make this into a full-length anime, as it has potential to be popular. Also, side note, do watch the end credits that shows a short video of how to cook various dishes with rice.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Mark Ishii

Cheerful and lively, he believes in taking action as soon as he gets an idea. He’s been dreaming of becoming a super idol like Gokokumai since he was a child. He’s kind of an idol otaku, too...


Voice Actor: Chiharu Sawashiro

Prideful, confident, and stubborn. He often gets into fights due to the mean look in his eyes and his bad mouth, and those around him think he is a delinquent. He’s the type who can’t get along with others, but deep down he’s actually lonely and wants friends.


Voice Actor: Misae Komori

Kind and has an inner fortitude. He also has a serious and stubborn side. His grades are incredible, and he became an idol as part of his studies in expression. He’s so beautiful he’s often mistaken for a woman at first glance, but he doesn’t realise this himself.


Voice Actor: Nina Tamashiro

Incredibly expressionate, and despite his adorable appearance and way of speaking, he’s actually surprisingly strong-willed and a typical Kyushu boy. He has a strong sense of justice, but often ends up in fights because of this. He’s also often tricked by others due to his pure nature and inability to doubt people.


Voice Actor: Sousuke Souma

He has a frivolous personality and his hobby is picking up girls - he can’t see a cute girl without going up and talking to her. He tends to stand out from the crowd. He’s aiming to become a comedian in future, so he studies comedy day and night.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yuuki Takabayash
  • Director: Takashi Houriuchi
  • Series Composition: Yuuki Takabayashi
  • Character Design: Tomoyo Sawada
  • Sound Director: Fusakogane
  • Original Illustrator: Aoi Levin, NOB-C
  • Music: Tsubasa Plus
  • Art Direction: NOB-C

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