Love Shuttle - From Enemies to Lovers

There’s a reason why going from enemies to lovers is one of the oldest and most popular tropes out there. Watching two characters who hate each other start developing feelings and falling in love has to be one of the most pleasurable experiences for romance readers out there, and if you combine that with BL, you have the perfect combo! But wait, it can be even better for us fujoshis: if you add a little bit of omegaverse, the story becomes even more attractive!

Love Shuttle has all that and more, so it’s sure to become a fan favourite among fujoshis. Want to know why?

An Omega Without Pheromones

There’s always that rare case: an omega who can’t produce any pheromones. Most families like to think that’s not going to happen in their household, but sometimes they have to face reality when one of their children shows symptoms of being a late bloomer. That’s the case with Doyun, an omega who not only is recessive but has yet to go into heat.

Doyun goes about his life like any other person, working for a moving company and not really worrying about his lack of pheromones. Because he’s tall, slim and really strong, everyone around him thinks he’s an alpha… and Doyun doesn’t waste any time trying to tell them otherwise. After all, it’s easier for him if they all think he’s an alpha, so he can work without being bothered. However, his rival at work, Taehan, is a strong alpha who doesn’t like Doyun one bit. They compete on a regular basis to see who’s stronger, lifting boxes and exchanging verbal jabs, and when Doyun’s heat finally decides it’s time to show up, can you guess who’s the alpha that’s there to smell his pheromones? Things are about to get spicy!

Wrong Time, Right Person

When his heat comes for the first time, Doyun calls his doctor, Yinyoung, to let him know, but the symptoms are long gone by the time he gets to Doyun’s house. Just in case, Yinyoung gives him some suppressants and tells Doyun to take them every day. A week goes by and our guy doesn’t feel like whatever happened that night was really his heat, so he relaxes and goes out for a drink with some friends from work. Too late he realizes that he forgot his medicine back home, and that’s when it happens: Doyun starts feeling like his body is burning up, he can’t think straight and he feels like he’s going to faint. Taehan notices that something is wrong so he follows him outside… and there he is, Doyun lying on the floor, pheromones floating everywhere! To avoid something bad from happening, Taehan takes him to a motel, not thinking that Doyun will insist on them having sex. Next thing he knows, Doyun is climbing on top of him, rubbing his lower half on Taehan’s body and asking to be penetrated. Thank goodness Taehan is such a nice person! He hesitates a bit, but soon he’s giving Doyun exactly what he’s asking for.

Balance Between Sexy And Cute

If you’re looking for some steamy sex scenes, then Love Shuttle will give you exactly that. The chemistry between Doyun and Taehan is great, and it shows when they’re having some fun under the sheets. The relationship between these two starts as something physical, with Taehan helping Doyun whenever his heat comes, but it doesn’t take long for them to start developing a different type of feeling.

We love a story with some good smutty scenes, but when that’s paired up with a cute love story, it’s even better! The fact that they go from enemies to lovers (with some sex in the middle) is what we’re here for. It’s really cute to see Taehan get all protective of Doyun, trying to spend as much time as possible with him, and one of the good things about Love Shuttle is that it makes the story progress without useless misunderstandings between the main characters.

Final Thoughts

We love a good, strong and independent uke who doesn’t hesitate to say what he wants. And when you combine that with a possessive yet loving and understanding seme, you get the perfect story. Love Shuttle has all that, plus a really cute art style that will definitely make readers fall in love with this story and its characters!

Love-Shuttle-Lezhin Love Shuttle - From Enemies to Lovers

Author: Yaz L.

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