Maaya Sakamoto to Release Double A-side Single “Sumire / Kotoba ni Dekinai” on May 25!

sumire_tsujo-Profile-Image-560x560 Maaya Sakamoto to Release Double A-side Single “Sumire / Kotoba ni Dekinai” on May 25!

What You Need to Know:

  • Today, on Maaya Sakamoto’s birthday, she announced that she will be releasing a double A-side single containing the theme songs of two anime starting in April in Japan.
  • The first is the opening theme for Deaimon, a story set in an old confectionery store in Kyoto. The title is “Sumire.” The lyrics were written by Sakamoto herself, with composition and arrangement by Shigeru Kishida of Kururi, a Japanese rock band from Kyoto, matching the setting of the anime.
  • The second song is “Kotoba ni Dekinai,” the ED theme for the third season of the popular anime Ascendance of a Bookworm, which has sold over 6 million copies (including e-books). Maaya Sakamoto wrote and composed this song herself.
  • The coupling track will be a studio live version of “Senri no Michi,” a song created to commemorate the 1,000th broadcast of Vitamin M, a radio program hosted by Maaya Sakamoto.
  • The limited first edition will come with a bonus Blu-ray containing the final day of Maaya Sakamoto’s Acoustic Live & Talk 2020 tour, which was held on November 29, 2020, at Zepp Tokyo.
  • In addition, two cover photos (limited first edition and regular edition) and a music video (short ver.) for “Sumire” have been released. The music video features Kento Ohgiya, who co-arranged and played the piano for Sumire.
  • Sumire music video (short ver.)

    Product information

    Title: Sumire/Kotoba ni Dekinai
    Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
    Release date: May 25, 2022
    Product No.:
    Limited first edition: VTZL-200
    Regular edition: VTCL-35345
    Limited first edition: ¥4,290 (inc. tax)
    Regular edition: ¥1,540 (inc. tax)


    1. Sumire (OP theme of Deaimon)
    Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto, Composition: Shigeru Kishida, Arrangement: Shigeru Kishida, Kento Ohgiya
    2. Kotoba ni Dekinai (ED theme of Ascendance of a Bookworm season 3)
    Lyrics/Composition: Maaya Sakamoto, Arrangement: h-wonder
    3. Senri no Michi (-studio live- bayfm “Vitamin M” 1,000th episode commemorative song)
    Lyrics/Composition: Maaya Sakamoto, Arrangement/Piano: Kento Ohgiya
    4. Sumire (Instrumental)
    5. Kotoba ni Dekinai (Instrumental)

    Limited first edition Blu-ray contents

    Maaya Sakamoto Acoustic Live & Talk 2020
    01. Uchuu no Kioku
    02. MC1
    03. Million Clouds
    04. Flash
    05. Watashi e
    06. MC2
    07. Gyakko
    08. Yakudo
    09. MC3
    10. Immunity Up Medley
    Spica - Yucca - CLEAR - GIFT - tune the rainbow - Hikari Are - Get No Satisfaction! - Platinum
    11. Clover
    12. MC4
    13. Itsuka Tabi ni Deru Hi


    Kento Ohgiya: Keyboard & band master
    Ichiro Fujiya: Bass
    Masao Fukunaga: Percussion
    Kazuma Sotozono: Guitar

    Recorded on November 29, 2020 at Zepp Tokyo

    Distribution information

    Available on streaming services and major download sites such as the iTunes Store, RecoChoku, and mora from May 25.

    Streaming services: Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, AWA, KKBOX, Rakuten Music, TOWER RECORDS MUSIC, ANiUTa

    Maaya Sakamoto Profile

    Born in Tokyo. Active as a child actress from age eight. She made her CD debut in 1996 with the single “Yakusoku wa Iranai.” In 2011, her album You can’t catch me topped the Oricon chart. In 2013, she released Singer-Songwriter, the first album for which she wrote all the music. In the same year, she won the 38th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award for her performance as Jerusha in the musical Daddy-Long-Legs.

    In 2019, she released her 30th single “Uchuu no Kioku” (produced by Ringo Sheena) and her 10th original album Kyou Dake no Ongaku. In 2020, she released her 25th anniversary album Single Collection+ Achikochi and the digital single “Yakudo,” which topped the Oricon chart.

    In 2021, she released her concept album Duets, which featured a variety of artists, and in the same month, she celebrated the 25th anniversary of her CD debut with a concert at Yokohama Arena, which is now on sale on Blu-ray and DVD. She also published her first lyrics book Shishu (Kadokawa), which contains not only her songs, but also the lyrics that she wrote for Kinki Kids’ “Hikari no Kehai,” Mamoru Miyano’s “Toumei,” Walküre’s “Kaze wa Yokoku naku Fuku,” and more.

    She is a voice actress, actress, lyricist, essay writer, and radio personality, and her vibrant voice has won the support of fans all over the world.

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