Stella no Mahou (Magic of Stella) - Anime Fall 2016

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Magic of Stella

Slice of Life, Comedy

Airing Date:
October 3, 2016


Honey’s Highlights

honeys anime character
It seems like the girls of Strawberry Marshmallow grew up! Are they legal? Is this a yuri? I am already choosing my pairings.
honeys anime character
This is the anime adaptation of the hit manga right? It’s so cute and upbeat. I am so happy that this has a PV!
honeys anime character
I am so happy too! Shirobako and Shoujotachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu were good, but this level of cute is rare.

honeys anime character
So happy that my loli-waifus are starting to get attention again. Maybe we can get more seasons if it does well!

Promotional Videos / PV


On her first day of school, Tamaki Honda meets the SNS Club, who make doujin games. Thinking she’s found her passion in life, she joins the club. With the art, programming, scenarios, and music to organise, there's a lot to do, but with childhood friends and upperclassmen to help out, they're determined to succeed!

NB: SNS actually stands for Shut-ins with No life in their eyes and Sunlight deficiency.

Three Episode Impression

Magic of Stella is kind of like New Game’s younger sister. Firstly, although the girls are in high school rather than of working age, they’re still working towards the same goal - making a game. Secondly, both New Game and Magic of Stella give off that soothing feeling - even when the characters are rushing around, the calm colour palette, background music, and voice acting make sure you don’t feel any stress as a viewer. Although Magic of Stella might fade into the background when compared with some of the bolder, action-packed shows this season, if you enjoy slow-paced slice of life and moe girls, make sure to give this one a watch.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Tamaki Honda

Voice Actor: Mariya Naganawa

A first year student. At high school she is searching for what something she really wants to do and ends up knocking at the SNS Club's door. She may look cute, but what on earth is up with her style?! Her pen name is 'Tamaki'.

Kayo Fujikawa

Voice Actor: Aoi Yuuki

Audio Designer.
A second year student. Is also part of the DTM Club. She's refreshing to be around and a total air head, but seems to have no awareness of this herself. Her pen name is 'Singna'.

Shiina Murakami

Voice Actor: Rie Murakawa

A second year, the clubs programmer and second president. Her nickname is 'Shii'. She's usually a bit of a downer, but can get pretty scary when she's angry? She is more serious about the club than any of the other members.

Ayame Seki

Voice Actor: Ari Ozawa

Scenario writer.
A second year. She goes with the flow quite a lot. She used to belong to the Literature Club, but apparently her memories of that time are a secret. Childhood friends with Shiina. Her pen name is 'Iri§'.

Yumine Fuda

Voice Actor: Ryoko Maekawa

Classmates with Tamaki. She's part of the illustration club and likes boy on boy works - whether she was always that way inclined or if she was influenced by someone is unknown. Extremely well-versed when it comes to doujin.

Other TitleStella no Mahou
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: God Save the Girls by Shino Shimoji
  • Ending Song: Yonekajikaru by Tamaki and Yumine (Maria Naganawa and Ryouko Maekawa)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kuroba / U
  • Director: Shinya Kawatsura
  • Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo
  • Character Design: Hideki Furukawa
  • Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
  • Music: Rio Kouyama, Mako Kuwabara, kidlit

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