Spring 2018 Psychological Horror Anime Mahou Shoujo Site Reveals New PV Featuring OP & ED + Air Date Now Out!

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Mahou Shoujo Site

Horror, Supernatural, Psychological

Airing Date:
April 7 2018

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Asa Ayagiri is a middle-school student who bullied heavily at school, and at home by her extremely abusive older brother. One day, her computer in her room suddenly connects to a strange site called Mahou Shoujo Site (Magical Girl Site).

Asa receives a stick from Mahou Shoujo Site and becomes a magical girl. When she finds herself being pursued by fear due to the terrible bullying, she just has to use her stick and her tormentors unexpectedly disappear from in front of her eyes. They are then transported to a far-away place where they suffer a horrible death.

Aya is is reluctant to kill people and tormented with confusing feelings of guilt. While she struggles with this, Aya meets another like her who received a stick from Mahou Shoujo Site: Her classmate Tsuyuno Yatsumura. They are then dragged into the cruel fate that awaits life as a magical girl.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Aya Asagiri

Voice Actor: Yuuko Oono

Age: 14
Birthday: April 8th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 145cm
Weight: 41kg
Blood Type: A
Aya is a second-year student at a middle school in the capital. She has a kinder heart than most, but she has problems dealing with others. Because she has never been accepted by anyone, she completely lacks any self-esteem. At school, she is bullied by Sarina Shizukume and her friends, and at home, her brother abuses her heavily. She wishes to die daily because she has nowhere to go. Then, one day, a stick is sent to her from the website ‘Mahou Shoujo Site.’ The stick that she possesses is in the form of a gun. The stick has the power that when fired, her targets are instantly moved.

Tsuyuno Yatsumura

Voice Actor: Himika Akaneya

Age: 14
Birthday: April 9th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 152cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: AB
Tsuyuno is a classmate of Aya’s. She is not very expressive and it’s difficult to deduce what she is thinking. Tsuyuno has a keen mind and her judgement is precise, but she is in such despair about the world, that she dangerously does not even take her own mortality that seriously. On the inside of an outside that gives off loneliness, she hides a deep sadness related to a past experience. Her stick that she possesses is in the shape of a smartphone. It has the ability to halt time.

Rina Shioi

Voice Actor: Aina Suzuki

Age: 13
Birthday: December 8th
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 147cm
Weight: 42kg
Blood Type: B
Rina is a magical girl who formerly worked with Tsuyuno together to reasearch Mahou Shoujo Site. She has a complex about her physical appearance and has a bad habit to withdraw from others. Rina has excellent internet research skills and as such, she is an informant and connected to multiple magical girls. However, while she was following information about a killer who was hunting down magical girls, she suddenly disappeared. Right before she did, she sent an email to Tsuyuno with an image attached that simply said ‘The Criminal=Magical Hunter’.

Nijimi Anazawa

Voice Actor: Yuu Serizawa

Age: 14
Birthday: July 5
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Height: 146cm
Weight: 40kg
Blood Type: AB
Nijimi is a member of the national idol unit ‘Inuasobi.’, in charge of the Chihuahua, and is a popular singer under the name Nijimin. She has amassed a massive fortune over her line of goods known as ‘Oshiringo.’ She has a cheerful personality with a smile that never fades, but has an extreme other side to herself where she loses it when she gets angry. The stick she possesses is in the shape of a pair of underwear. Her power is that by simply uttering a command, she can control someone to do anything.

Sarina Shizukume

Voice Actor: Haruka Yamazaki

Age: 14
Birthday: April 25th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 156cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: O
Sarina is Aya’s classmate and is the leader of the group who is bullying Aya. She has a frank personality and big sisterly disposition. She can’t physically stand people who hesitate. That’s the reason why she started bullying Aya. After losing her best friend Erika in a railroad crossing accident, she suspected Aya was to blame and violently went after her. It started out normal until she arrived at pulling a blade on Aya. She goes to attack Aya, but...

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Changing point by i☆Ris
  • Ending Song: Zenzen Tomodachi by Haruka Yamazaki

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kentarou Satou
  • Director: Tadahito Matsubayash
  • Series Composition: Takayo Ikami
  • Original Illustrator: Kentarou Satou

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