Maiden Japan Licenses Anime “Reality” Series Hinako!

What You Need to Know:

  • Maiden Japan have announced that they have licensed the Hinako anime series, which focuses on a ‘self aware’ anime heroine who constantly stops to chat about her feelings with the audience.
  • They will be releasing Training with Hinako, the surprise hit that topped Amazon Japan’s and other internet retail sales charts for two consecutive weeks, alongside Sleeping with Hinako and Bathing with Hinako as a package home video release.
  • Check out the full summary for the anime below!

Hinako used to be a normal girl, but then she became an anime character! Now she does things like play the heroine’s best friend, but unlike most people in anime, Hinako is completely aware that she’s being watched by an unseen audience! So, if she’s doing something and thinks of something to say, she’ll just say it to the people she can’t see. Or CAN she see them? The most self-aware anime character ever invites you to peek behind the screen and experience Training, Bathing and even Sleeping in the intimate interactive life of Hinako!

Hinako Synopsis

bee-prev Maiden Japan Licenses Anime “Reality” Series Hinako!
Oh man, this anime is so great, especially with all the stretching she does...
bee-prev Maiden Japan Licenses Anime “Reality” Series Hinako!
It's definitely... Unique. Good on Maiden Japan!